Disney and Fox are closing in on deal, could be announced next week: Sources

I have some things I feel I need to say about all of this.

I have made no secret about my pessimism and negativity toward Marvel itself, especially the idea of Disney managing to buy Fox productions and in so doing re-acquire the film rights to the X-Men franchise. Repeatedly, every time the notion of this deal has come up, I have talked about how this would be a terrible deal for the vast majority of fans.

I stick by that. Completely.

The normal “logic” some fans of various characters hold is that in this situation, they should keep quiet or perhaps even kiss Marvel’s ass. The thinking is that doing so means if Marvel does manage to buy the rights, they’re in Marvel’s good graces for future plans. The logic is that they can lobby Marvel to support their character once the rights go to Marvel.

But here’s the thing: I’m a Polaris fan. I’ve been one for 8 years. I know better.

I’ve seen Marvel’s history of treating Lorna poorly. I’ve watched as they technically did good things for her on rare occasions lately, but made absolutely certain that those good things never got any spread and never amounted to anything. And only so they couldn’t be accused of not doing them. Because they knew it looked bad for someone to be able to say this character that’s existed for over 40 years never once had her origin story told, or never lead a team of her own.

I was there for a certain editor at Marvel arguing that her ties to her father Magneto should be severed, and watched as he explicitly kept her out of family events and even had House of M scenes redrawn to remove her.

All of which is just recent. I’ve seen them seem to not acknowledge in any way that Polaris was treated like a punching bag for decades prior to the 00s. I’ve seen them ignore the fact that she survived the Genoshan genocide, a major traumatic episode that gave her severe PTSD. I saw that Marvel routinely and eagerly ignores major developments and events in her character existence just cause it doesn’t fit a certain era that treated her poorly.

I was there for Avengers vs X-Men, Axis, and everything with the Terrigen Mists. I saw how beyond just Lorna, Marvel viewed the X-Men franchise as so expendable that they could tear it down to build up the Avengers, then “replace” them with Inhumans.

I have two incentives to oppose Marvel getting the Fox studios. Poor treatment of Lorna, and poor treatment of the X-Men franchise in general.

Other fans may have their reasons for kissing ass, but I’m not going to. I know, for a fact, that Marvel having the film rights back means my favorite character is screwed, and most characters except the “most important” ones will get next to nothing from Marvel.

I can absolutely guarantee that if it were up to Marvel, I would not be watching Polaris be an awesome badass on Gifted. They would not have selected her to be a major featured character, and they most certainly would not have let her be as badass as she is on the show. Marvel’s view of her would have been that she should be either a minor supporting/background character, or the girlfriend of Havok, and nothing else.

That’s all Marvel sees in her. And I strongly suspect that Marvel would cancel Gifted or else kill off or demote Polaris once they gained control of the show.

Marvel spent the past 8 years keeping her separated from Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver before forcibly retconning the twins out of the family. They spent the past 8 years keeping Lorna isolated from broader X-Men and Marvel events, and excluding her from things like Axis where she sure as hell would have been involved if her actual stake in things was taken into account. Lorna’s back right now in X-Men Blue as a supporting character only, and that’s after putting her in forced limbo for two years.

Marvel’s made the fact it looks down on Polaris and doesn’t acknowledge her worth or potential very well known to me. I’m not going to kiss the company’s ass when I know they’ll do what they’ve already done for decades: tear her down. Hold her back. Undermine things she’s in.

We have Polaris on Gifted because Fox owns the film rights and Matt Nix wanted to use her. Marvel would not have done that all on its own.

End of my post.

Disney and Fox are closing in on deal, could be announced next week: Sources

Metal Gear Solid V’s opening day was twice as good as Avengers: Age of Ultron’s

Hello! This is where I say some “I told you so” kind of things about Marvel.

I’ve said for a while now, Marvel is behind the times. Not by a huge lag time, they still hit on stuff that’s relevant, but they do so later than the rest of the world has gotten to that point. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is impressive,and innovative, but it also comes late. If we’re talking comics companies, DC was on the ball for the Dark Knight films well before Marvel had much to offer films-wise, and DC’s Arkham series of games were also a big milestone for comic book based video games while Marvel currently doesn’t have much to show for it.

And if we’re talking massive universe in multiple installments and forms of media? The .hack franchise beat Marvel to the punch a good decade early. That was a major multimedia undertaking that encompassed anime and video games mainly, but also manga.

What I’m getting at here is this: video games outrank films for revenue AND for hype among Marvel’s target demographics, and unlike films, Marvel actually has full control over what they do or don’t do with video games. No matter what Fox does or doesn’t do, there is nothing to stop Marvel from making a game about the X-Men or Fantastic Four that earns far more money and likely costs less to make than anything Fox could put out.

This is what I’ve meant every time I said Marvel undermining the X-Men and Fantastic Four on their end as an attempt to spite Fox is only really hurting Marvel. Fox isn’t the one missing out on the buzz and revenue a video game could provide, Marvel is.

Of course, we learned just yesterday that two X-Men TV shows are in the works. Hopefully this means Marvel’s finally moving away from an end point of Pyrrhic victory and toward actual victory.

Metal Gear Solid V’s opening day was twice as good as Avengers: Age of Ultron’s


10:21 – Alonso opened up talk of Extraordinary X-Men saying, “I just want to
start out by saying we are NOT cancelling X-Men, contrary to popular

10:25 – A fan said he was “really scared” about his favorite characters, the
X-Men, saying he feels the characters are being mistreated. Lowe said
“You won’t find bigger X-Men fans than the people on this stage. The
X-Men are a huge part of all of our plans. This is not the first time
the X-Men have had rough luck. You get the best stories when you put
them in a tough spot.”

Over the past few years, I’ve come to notice that almost every time someone points out how Marvel is undermining the X-Men to slowly kill off the franchise, Marvel IMMEDIATELY rushes to say “We’re not canceling the X-Men.”

Nobody said they were. Hardly anyone is dumb enough to think Marvel is canceling the entire line of X-Men books right this second.

That is a straw man argument.

Marvel throws out “We’re not canceling the X-Men” because it’s a way of making genuine fan complaints look like paranoia, under the guise of “trying to be open to fan concerns.”

Before I end this, I NEED to stress: the blame for what Marvel is doing to the X-Men and Fantastic Four isn’t Alonso’s fault. The fault lies at the top of the company, with the execs like Perlmutter who falsely believe ruining the X-Men and Fantastic Four on Marvel’s end somehow hurts Fox or will force Fox to make a new deal with Marvel over the film rights.

So even though these are words coming from Alonso and similar people, don’t blame them. They’re only saying what anyone else would say in their position. I don’t know what Alonso really thinks of the X-Men. It’s entirely possible he’s a fan of the X-Men above all others. But his hands are tied by corporate above him.

Wait a minute, let me get something straight here, Marvel.

First, Scarlet Witch causes Decimation, stripping powers from all but around a hundred mutants.

After that, a fight between X-Men and Avengers ends with Scarlet Witch and Hope restoring the ability for new mutants to be born.

Around this time, Inhumans come to Earth, and their presence causes humans to start turning into Inhumans.

Then, Marvel writes Havok on Uncanny Avengers as saying mutants should
completely throw away their own history and culture just so they can
“fit in” with the rest of the world.

Next, Red Skull is used to turn both Genosha and Prof. X into mere plot devices to prop up the Avengers, with a storyline deliberately constructed to make Magneto look terrible, capping off with a forced retcon on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver suddenly not being Magneto’s kids anymore. “Conveniently” half a year before the Avengers film starring them.

And now we have this?


Mutants so badly affected by the Terrigen Mist that they either lose their mutants powers or they’re dying?

I mean, it just boggles my mind. You’re THIS committed to the entire endeavor. Destroying the X-Men franchise means SO MUCH to you, you literally went out of your way to make nearly the entire Marvel universe toxic to the X-Men franchise. Just so you have an incredibly poor and half-baked excuse for cutting them down, shoving them in an increasingly shrinking and obscure corner, and replacing them with Inhumans as you are. That is an actual thing you’re actually doing.

At this point, Marvel, I don’t see why you don’t just have a big ass sign in every panel of every comic you publish that says “Fuck the X-Men and everything they ever gave us or the world, now buy our next Avengers comic while we’re not treating that franchise just as shitty.”

I’m only halfway joking, by the way. That’s part dare. If you’re this committed to ruining a perfectly good franchise with lots of promise and potential, I kinda want to see if there are any depths you WON’T sink to, if there’s anything that’s off limits even with bloated egos and rampant greed as motivators. Am I going to wake up tomorrow morning to find you’re putting out a series of X-Men oneshots dedicated to killing off every character in the franchise until only Inhumans remain?

P.S. – I’m well aware, Marvel, that your only reason for letting Scarlet Witch restore the ability for mutants to be born was to shift blame for ruining the franchise from her to the Inhumans. It’s transparent. A for effort though, and I look forward to a day when you actually give a damn about ALL of your franchises, not just the ones Fox isn’t able to make movies of.

The Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon will be taken off Netflix on October 4th.


Naturally, this is happening right as Marvel’s promoting the Inhumans to replace X-Men on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This comes after having already worked to slowly tear down the X-Men by

  • taking them off merchandise
  • not making games or cartoons with them
  • cutting down the number of X-Men comics
  • forcing retcons on characters like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to split them from the X-Men, and
  • setting up every Marvel-wide event since 2009 to strip the X-Men of elements and give them to Avengers and Inhumans.

Anyway, see it while you can, especially if you’re a Polaris fan. It was the only cartoon that really gave Lorna a chance.

I just saw an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ad on YouTube promoting characters around the world suddenly manifesting powers, tied to the Inhumans franchise.

I now abhor Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Here’s why.

Marvel can’t use mutants because Fox owns the rights. I understand that, I accept that. That aspect is something that can’t be held against Marvel, and if Disney and Marvel limited this behavior to their films and live action TV shows, I would support them. It would be asinine to begrudge Marvel for doing what they can with what they have, after all.

But Marvel’s behavior in OTHER mediums changes that.

They’ve cut the X-Men out almost all merchandise. They’ve stopped making any X-Men cartoons or video games. In the comics, they’ve gone out of their way to cut the X-books down from over a dozen books to 3-4 in less than a year, forced a retcon on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver purely to separate them from their father Magneto, and engineered every single event since 2009 to take things away from the X-Men franchise and give them to the Avengers and now Inhumans franchises.

Marvel is deliberately trying to tear down the X-Men franchise because they don’t have the film and live action TV show rights, even though they have cartoons, comics, video games and merchandise to work with.

Because that’s their goal, what’s happening on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t merely the company admirably working with what they have. It’s not Marvel showing what they could do with the X-Men franchise if only they had the rights. If that was the case, there’d be damn good reason to push for Fox striking some kind of deal Marvel wants made.

Instead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is now a propaganda tool in Marvel’s efforts to ruin the X-Men franchise and any public appeal it might have. As long as they’re focusing on this idea of random people manifesting powers across the world, supporting Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is essentially telling Marvel you want them to ruin the X-Men franchise.

Personal note: this does not mean I hate anyone who likes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or chooses to keep watching it. Everyone has their own interests, their own priorities. And realistically, this doesn’t mean anyone who watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has “invalidated” any love they have for the X-Men franchise. Nor does it mean Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is objectively bad.

What it means is that no matter who you are, no matter what your reasons for watching the show may be, success for the show with these plot lines will be perceived by them as acceptance and a nod that they should keep treating the X-Men franchise poorly. And that’s why I now see this show the way I do.

Marvel Still Pissed at Fox, Now Using The Inhumans to Kill Off The X-Men


If Marvel discontinues X-Men, I am straight up boycotting. #NoXmenNoMarvel.

So basically, Marvel knew Wanda causing an end to mutants resulted in people hating Wanda, but they really want Wanda to be promoted in order to “stick it” to Fox, so they freed her of that in Avengers vs X-Men only because they intended to put the weight of ruining the X-Men franchise on the Inhumans franchise instead.

Marvel Still Pissed at Fox, Now Using The Inhumans to Kill Off The X-Men

This has probably been posted by someone else already, but I’ll post it separately anyway instead of hunting around.

Stan Lee let it slip that he will have a very different cameo in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

The most relevant part here isn’t that Stan Lee’s getting a different kind of cameo. What’s relevant is how at least according to this source (Business Insider), Stan Lee was told he’s not allowed to talk about talk about having that cameo… with Marvel employees glaring at him.

This goes a long way to proving that Disney and Marvel are trying to undermine the X-Men franchise on their end, and that all the recent poor treatment such as retconning Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver out of being Magneto’s kids is motivated by ego and greed.

But more importantly, it demonstrates exactly what’s wrong with Marvel right now. The company is undermining and tearing apart franchises, relationships and characters people love, and many grew up with. Fans are being driven away because the company cares more about money than respect. I strongly believe many creators are being driven away too, because as much as these are brands and it’s a job, ordering creators to do things they know are bad for franchises or characters goes against creative instincts. It’s basically corporate putting in artificial limitations to output and demanding employees do worse at their jobs until some third party is willing to fork over more money. It’s corporate hostage taking.

And now, one of the big people behind making Marvel what it is today, a guy who helped create so many franchises and characters, is being told by some company out to make a buck that he’s not allowed to cherish and celebrate what’s become of his own creations?

If my goal was to see Marvel die, I wouldn’t be making this post. Marvel is killing itself from within. It’s in a sickly state, and all I’m doing is joining all the other people out there that want Marvel to acknowledge what they’re doing to themselves and set things right before it’s too late.


Please Kill Us: Jean Grey and Sue Storm as Rebels With No Future

The image included here is by James Zark.

This is a powerful representation of Marvel’s current legacy, and that of pretty much everyone at Disney and Marvel that happily and maliciously pursues the current course.

This is what people will remember: that Disney and Marvel are so greedy, the egos of people running it are so inflated, that they’re willing to undermine and destroy whole worlds and characters people love and cherish with all their hearts just because Fox owns the film rights.

Is this what Marvel stands for? Crushing the dreams and memories of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people over cash and power? What about the people who have felt inspired and uplifted in their day to day lives because the X-Men and Fantastic Four exist? Do their lives mean less than selfish whims?

That does not mean Marvel isn’t still doing some admirable things. There’s female Thor. There’s the new Ms. Marvel, and finally promoting Carol Danvers up to Captain Marvel. There’s making Falcon into the new Captain America. But the good things do not balance out the bad. Just as donating to charity does not make up for viciously attacking someone, new good decisions do not cancel out new bad decisions.

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5.26-Black Canary by Leonard Kirk

5.27-Wonder Woman by Aaron Lopresti

5.28-Scarlet Witch and Polaris card by Mike Mayhew

5.29-Black Canary by George Perez

5.30-Black Cat by Paul Renaud

5.31-Batgirl by Gary Shipman

6.1-Code Knockout covers by Brian Stelfreeze

I… think it’s kind of telling that when you have a comic book cover that people think is Scarlet Witch and Polaris, it ends up becoming one of the most popular images to be blogged.

It does a good job of demonstrating the folly of Disney and Marvel’s current attitude toward the sisters, and by extension the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises themselves.

While interest in Scarlet Witch is high because of the films, Polaris boosts that interest even higher. The X-Men benefit the Avengers. They offer characters, storylines and dynamics nothing can replace, not the Inhumans, not whole new characters. Marvel could have taken advantage of that to show other dimensions of value to characters like Wanda.

Instead, Disney and Marvel decided that ruining franchises where Fox’s own the film rights is worth destroying the connections, relationships, characters and concepts beneficial to the Avengers that come with it.

They are Pyrrhic victory incarnate. They may lose way more money, storyline and character development potential than they will ever gain with their current path even if they somehow got the film rights back, but I suppose it’s all worth it for the chance to spite Fox and maybe cause a few tens of thousands of dollars worth of lost sales for Fox at the box office.

If Disney and Marvel are lucky. And their behavior doesn’t result in increasing Fox’s box office take instead.