10:21 – Alonso opened up talk of Extraordinary X-Men saying, “I just want to
start out by saying we are NOT cancelling X-Men, contrary to popular

10:25 – A fan said he was “really scared” about his favorite characters, the
X-Men, saying he feels the characters are being mistreated. Lowe said
“You won’t find bigger X-Men fans than the people on this stage. The
X-Men are a huge part of all of our plans. This is not the first time
the X-Men have had rough luck. You get the best stories when you put
them in a tough spot.”

Over the past few years, I’ve come to notice that almost every time someone points out how Marvel is undermining the X-Men to slowly kill off the franchise, Marvel IMMEDIATELY rushes to say “We’re not canceling the X-Men.”

Nobody said they were. Hardly anyone is dumb enough to think Marvel is canceling the entire line of X-Men books right this second.

That is a straw man argument.

Marvel throws out “We’re not canceling the X-Men” because it’s a way of making genuine fan complaints look like paranoia, under the guise of “trying to be open to fan concerns.”

Before I end this, I NEED to stress: the blame for what Marvel is doing to the X-Men and Fantastic Four isn’t Alonso’s fault. The fault lies at the top of the company, with the execs like Perlmutter who falsely believe ruining the X-Men and Fantastic Four on Marvel’s end somehow hurts Fox or will force Fox to make a new deal with Marvel over the film rights.

So even though these are words coming from Alonso and similar people, don’t blame them. They’re only saying what anyone else would say in their position. I don’t know what Alonso really thinks of the X-Men. It’s entirely possible he’s a fan of the X-Men above all others. But his hands are tied by corporate above him.

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