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5.26-Black Canary by Leonard Kirk

5.27-Wonder Woman by Aaron Lopresti

5.28-Scarlet Witch and Polaris card by Mike Mayhew

5.29-Black Canary by George Perez

5.30-Black Cat by Paul Renaud

5.31-Batgirl by Gary Shipman

6.1-Code Knockout covers by Brian Stelfreeze

I… think it’s kind of telling that when you have a comic book cover that people think is Scarlet Witch and Polaris, it ends up becoming one of the most popular images to be blogged.

It does a good job of demonstrating the folly of Disney and Marvel’s current attitude toward the sisters, and by extension the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises themselves.

While interest in Scarlet Witch is high because of the films, Polaris boosts that interest even higher. The X-Men benefit the Avengers. They offer characters, storylines and dynamics nothing can replace, not the Inhumans, not whole new characters. Marvel could have taken advantage of that to show other dimensions of value to characters like Wanda.

Instead, Disney and Marvel decided that ruining franchises where Fox’s own the film rights is worth destroying the connections, relationships, characters and concepts beneficial to the Avengers that come with it.

They are Pyrrhic victory incarnate. They may lose way more money, storyline and character development potential than they will ever gain with their current path even if they somehow got the film rights back, but I suppose it’s all worth it for the chance to spite Fox and maybe cause a few tens of thousands of dollars worth of lost sales for Fox at the box office.

If Disney and Marvel are lucky. And their behavior doesn’t result in increasing Fox’s box office take instead.

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