Polaris excluded from family tree

This family tree was drawn for a Vision volume meant for end of last year that was canceled. Notice something missing?

That’s right. They excluded Lorna. Again.

They can’t claim Lorna was excluded due to the twins’ retcon because Magneto is present. They can’t claim Lorna’s “too small and distant” to because Crystal, Luna, Wiccan and Speed are all here. The ONLY person in the family that Marvel has left off is Lorna.

The previous volume from 2016 included Tom Brevoort as an editor. He was also editor behind Children’s Crusade redrawing a House of M portrait to remove Lorna, Lorna not being acknowledged as part of the family in Avengers vs X-Men, and trying to replace her with first Enchantress in Axis and then Luminous in Uncanny Avengers.

According to the Marvel wikia page at least, the canceled volume that was set for end of last year did NOT include Brevoort. It DID include C.B. Cebulski though, and it’s fair to expect Brevoort would have been heavily involved in plans for this if he was on the prior volume.

There is a perception by some that either Marvel is perfect and has never discriminated against Lorna, or that it used to happened but doesn’t anymore. This happened end of last year. This is clear-cut evidence of their attitude toward her and how it’s still happening today.

Also proof that I made the right call to drop everything Disney until Lorna gets the solo, mini, oneshot or team book leadership she deserves after especially last year.

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