Wait a minute, let me get something straight here, Marvel.

First, Scarlet Witch causes Decimation, stripping powers from all but around a hundred mutants.

After that, a fight between X-Men and Avengers ends with Scarlet Witch and Hope restoring the ability for new mutants to be born.

Around this time, Inhumans come to Earth, and their presence causes humans to start turning into Inhumans.

Then, Marvel writes Havok on Uncanny Avengers as saying mutants should
completely throw away their own history and culture just so they can
“fit in” with the rest of the world.

Next, Red Skull is used to turn both Genosha and Prof. X into mere plot devices to prop up the Avengers, with a storyline deliberately constructed to make Magneto look terrible, capping off with a forced retcon on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver suddenly not being Magneto’s kids anymore. “Conveniently” half a year before the Avengers film starring them.

And now we have this?


Mutants so badly affected by the Terrigen Mist that they either lose their mutants powers or they’re dying?

I mean, it just boggles my mind. You’re THIS committed to the entire endeavor. Destroying the X-Men franchise means SO MUCH to you, you literally went out of your way to make nearly the entire Marvel universe toxic to the X-Men franchise. Just so you have an incredibly poor and half-baked excuse for cutting them down, shoving them in an increasingly shrinking and obscure corner, and replacing them with Inhumans as you are. That is an actual thing you’re actually doing.

At this point, Marvel, I don’t see why you don’t just have a big ass sign in every panel of every comic you publish that says “Fuck the X-Men and everything they ever gave us or the world, now buy our next Avengers comic while we’re not treating that franchise just as shitty.”

I’m only halfway joking, by the way. That’s part dare. If you’re this committed to ruining a perfectly good franchise with lots of promise and potential, I kinda want to see if there are any depths you WON’T sink to, if there’s anything that’s off limits even with bloated egos and rampant greed as motivators. Am I going to wake up tomorrow morning to find you’re putting out a series of X-Men oneshots dedicated to killing off every character in the franchise until only Inhumans remain?

P.S. – I’m well aware, Marvel, that your only reason for letting Scarlet Witch restore the ability for mutants to be born was to shift blame for ruining the franchise from her to the Inhumans. It’s transparent. A for effort though, and I look forward to a day when you actually give a damn about ALL of your franchises, not just the ones Fox isn’t able to make movies of.

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