St. Patrick’s Day – Lorna and Jean!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This was commissioned from j-likes-to-draw.

As you can see, the artist’s style is more realistic. She tried putting the headpieces on their heads but it didn’t look right. I was concerned it might not be obvious it’s Jean with it, so we went with putting them on the counter.

I considered Lorna and Wanda, or Lorna and Wanda and Jean, but ultimately I felt Wanda couldn’t really fit with my goal of working with the green and how long these two characters have known each other (since 1968!).

Reminder that Polaris, who finally had her origin story told in 2014 (44 years after her creation), had the story of her awakening powers causing a plane crash that killed her parents. And that Dark Phoenix is basically taking that from Lorna to apply to Jean with cars.


Remember this. Because although this is a Fox film, it’s in keeping with Marvel’s nasty habit of taking things from Lorna, applying them to other characters they like more, and then never using that aspect of Lorna’s character and pretending it never happened.


X-Men Grand Design

Assuming there isn’t more I haven’t seen, I like this insofar as Lorna.

One of my big concerns/complaints with Piskor going back over X-Men history with Grand Design was that it might do things like say she’s not Magneto’s daughter. It was a forced retcon early on, and undoing the retcon happened after the period Piskor is covering. If this is all he did, I’m thankful he left the panel ambiguous instead of including the retcon (Mesmero calling her daughter of Magneto is different from establishing it in the box).