This was in the issue of Blue put out today.

This is a good final moment for Lorna on the book. Much better than what I thought was her final moment, the Havok-focused one from months ago.

If things had gone better for her use on Blue, this would have been a good lead-in to Lorna leading a new school and team. Take a bit of her experience with Genosha, and her mix of Xavier and Magneto philosophies, and you have something good to work with. Danger would’ve been a good member of a team led by Lorna.


Danger takes Lorna Dane (AKA Polaris) and Wanda Maximoff (AKA Scarlet Witch) to the local Renaissance Festival for a girls’ day out in All-New X-Factor #14. It involves Wanda’s first turkey leg and first beer experience. And it’s a damn delight.

SPOILER: Wanda politely declines that offer for hot robot sex.

Is it me, or does Danger look an awful lot like Doom here? I’m surprised Wanda didn’t take her up on that sex offer, after all.

Pretty sure the looking like Doctor Doom was intentional. 😛

I think Danger was only pushed into the issue because Peter David really really wanted to turn her into the breakout character of All-New X-Factor, but she was still certainly an interesting inclusion for the issue. It might also be theorized that Danger’s presence ensured the sisters couldn’t slip into more serious tensions in their relationship (e.g. M-Day).


Polaris x Danger forever.

“I know of your sister’s past predilections, I estimated your chances of being receptive to my advances at 101.576%.”

“That’s higher than 100%, Danger.”

“I included the nanocam surgically grafted into your eye by Harrison Snow’s directive in my calculations.”