St. Patrick’s Day – Lorna and Jean!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This was commissioned from j-likes-to-draw.

As you can see, the artist’s style is more realistic. She tried putting the headpieces on their heads but it didn’t look right. I was concerned it might not be obvious it’s Jean with it, so we went with putting them on the counter.

I considered Lorna and Wanda, or Lorna and Wanda and Jean, but ultimately I felt Wanda couldn’t really fit with my goal of working with the green and how long these two characters have known each other (since 1968!).

I’m pleased to finally present the big project I’ve been dying to reveal: the cover for a Polaris 50th anniversary minicomic!

I’ve commissioned Mlad for what will be multiple pages of what I think captures her history and core nature. The minicomic will be released as each page is completed over the course of the next several months.

I hope you all enjoy this and what’s to come as much as I have and will!

Past Polaris commissions – 50th Anniversary

It’s the 50th anniversary of Polaris aka Lorna Dane. To celebrate, I’m posting the SFW art I’ve commissioned since 2009. Some will be familiar to regulars cause I’ve posted it already. Some will seem new because it’s older, likely before I even had a Tumblr account.


I commissioned decoysnake on this one for Lorna’s 50th anniversary. It’s loosely based on the Kris Anka concept art of a more modernized costume that still retains her core look. I increasingly realize the beauty of this piece each time I look at it, like that uniform crease on her leg.


This is with boxofwant. In retrospect, I think my mind was too bogged down in Gifted’s idea of Lorna to realize that this doesn’t really fit her character as she really is outside that version of her. Still great work obviously! Love the swirl of her hair.


RenX has a series on various female characters punkified, and I commissioned him for that with Lorna and Wanda, also as part of the 50th anniversary. It’s cut off on the left because too much skin is showing for me to consider it SFW. His picks and art of the tattoos are what I enjoy most, very character-centric. What you can’t see in this version is Wanda’s kids’ names on Wanda’s ankles.


I commissioned Dwight Sanchez in 2015 during a $25 flash sale for this piece.


This one comes from InCaseArt (NSFW blog) from 2011. There’s a NSFW variant where Lorna uses her powers to make her costume. I wish at the time that I’d considered having that touch for a SFW version too.


If you’ve looked at my actual Tumblr page, you’ve seen this one. It’s on my background. soaps is a great artist I’ve known since before I discovered Lorna, and commissioned Rosa from FF4 pieces back then.

In this case, the commission is a result of how All-New X-Factor #14 (where Lorna and Wanda got to interact as sisters) was coming up but @marvelentertainment refused to do anything to promote or support it. Since Marvel wasn’t going to do anything, I wanted to commission something to spread the word.

I still love how this turned out. Captures the fun mood well. I remember when it was first posted that a couple cosplayers said they wanted to reenact this scene. I wonder if it ever actually happened.


Our last stop on art I’ve personally commissioned is right here with MikazukiShigure from 2012.

At the time, Avengers vs X-Men was going on but Marvel was deliberately excluding Lorna from taking meaningful part in the event – despite the fact that the family dynamics were part of the story. The idea behind this art was for a mock-up cover of an AvX issue that should’ve happened but never did, where Lorna and Wanda face off.

My thought was Lorna going after Wanda because of all the pain Wanda unknowingly caused by getting depowered on M-Day. Headcanon, they’d fight but during the fight eventually come to an understanding before either of them could “win.” Then from there, have a much better relationship as sisters.


There’s one more piece here that I did NOT commission.


An online pal commissioned this from DarkShadowArtworks as a gift, in 2014. The “title” up top has generating some good discussion before of what a title font for a solo book for her might look like.

That’s all! This is what I’ve commissioned (or for the final piece, was gifted via commission) that’s SFW up to now. There’s still more to come.

Polaris of the Green Hair

I had some thoughts on my drive in to work today concerning Lorna’s beautiful and awesome green hair. And because I love writing these articles, I’ve decided to make writing them into part of my celebration of Lorna’s 50th anniversary.

As most fans know, Lorna used to dye her hair brown to hide her green hair.


She’s had that green hair ever since. So here’s the question: Why was Lorna dyeing her hair?

These are a few theories.

Foster Parent Protection

This is the theory I’ve held longest, but it’s only as I start to write this post that I realize it’s not the only possible reason.

Lorna is growing in a world that fears and hates mutants. What if her foster parents knew she was a mutant and hid it from her? Perhaps Magneto took Lorna to the only living family other than himself that could take her in, explained his desire for Lorna to lead a normal life, and the Danes took over from there.

Even if the Danes didn’t know Lorna was secretly a mutant, the visual signifier could have led people to believe she was a mutant and attack her. So, it could have been a matter of protection.

Subconscious Aversion

This is a theory I don’t like (at least right now), but as it’s a possibility I’m including it.

Lorna’s green hair came about when her powers manifested – and she accidentally killed her parents. In other words, in a child’s mind, green hair = trauma and death. Mastermind may have altered her mind to make completely forget, but trauma is not just the memories themselves. It’s the echoes they leave in the mind, and that would have been difficult to impossible to erase.

So, Lorna dyeing her hair may have been a small part of her that remembered the feeling of her trauma and didn’t have the tools to get past it, so she avoided it. She dyed it brown, her hair color from before her powers awakened, after all.


And then there’s kids.

Kids are horrible to other kids that stand out “too much.” Just about anything could be grounds for bullying and harassment, and green hair is astoundingly showy in a room full of kids with brown, black, blonde or red hair. As she says in her introductory story, she dyes her hair to “avoid attracting the curious.” What if in this case, that meant kids who wanted to pick on her for it?

Similarly, maybe it made her more of a target for sexual harassment, and her method of dealing with it back then was to “dress down.”

End of Hair Dye

So with these three theories, I come to the final thing I wanna bring up. She stopped dyeing her hair after her powers were restored and she realized she was a mutant. Why?

Here’s what I think: she’s discovered who she is as a mutant and now embraces what that green hair means for her. Her green hair isn’t just a quirk of genetics. It’s symbolic of her identity. It no longer represents something to fear or be ashamed of. It represents her power, her courage, her calling as a mutant.

She never dyes her hair again because deep down, no matter what she says or does, subconsciously she loves being a mutant and standing out as one. Any claims made to the contrary are false. If they weren’t, why would she go around showing off the most visible sign of her mutant identity?

The Polaris Chronicles – Chapter 4 – salarta – X-Men (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]

Chapter 4:  Rebel


Lorna Dane’s mutant powers reawaken through a painful device at Mesmero’s behest. When she comes out of it, she has a choice: remain a meek girl or save her heroes.

Author’s Note: This chapter is one I’m both most proud of and most worried about how it’ll be perceived given imagery and allusions used. It’s based primarily on X-Men #49, 50 and 51; her introductory issues. Here’s pics from my re-read to prep this chapter:

Crucifixion. Resurrection. A cross. The sight of this green teen girl splayed out on a techno-slab conjured images and themes long-admired by the majority of this country. The rulers. The humans. The bigots. It represented a tiny package of convenient morals to assuage hurt feelings in themselves while denying them in anyone they considered ‘the other’.

It did not represent Lorna Dane.

She screamed. Hair floating. Arms twitching. Magnetism fastened her wrists to the circles of her cross-beam, harder than any pair of handcuffs. For three seconds – three loooooooong seconds – she endured. Writhing, shaking, gnashing her teeth, clenching her eyes shut, she endured. Her heart thumped wildly to keep up with her ever-growing limits.

100 volts. 200 volts. 350. 450. 500. 1000. As the voltage climbed, it cleansed all traces of her old self. Her meek self. Her naive self. Her sheltered self, twelve hundred miles from home. Alone. All this power devoured her innocence as swiftly as remnants of her brown hair dye fizzled in puffs of dark smoke. Through it all, she uselessly tossed in her bonds for any give she could take.

Crackle! Crzzzz! The machines spit electric fire up and down a metal stake holding their captive. Even those who built this travesty mistook the machines themselves for this visual spectacle, but no. It came from the flesh and blood bound within. Every cell of Lorna Dane’s body hummed as the tech agitated their genetic cores. Microscale pokes and prods made the cells lash out. Their violence erupted in the shape of raw energy blasting all about her. Her whole world blossomed in emerald shades… and through that miasma, she saw her abductor.

Mesmero. With a giant M on his belt, a long cape and absurd helmet, it puzzled Lorna how this man in a joke of a costume could inflict such suffering on her for his so-called noble cause. How he could claim to be superior while watching her struggle with a joyous smirk.

“The genius that was bequeathed us by the magnificent Magneto shall bring forth from this feeble shell – a being powerful beyond all others! And our invincible leader!”

This ‘feeble shell’ glowered through her pain at the monster. That’s what he was. Not man. Not mutant. His lack of respect for a girl he claimed to prize second only to Magneto himself came through clear in his words. He did not see her for her. He saw her for what he wanted her to be. Another thing he could control. Another puppet to dance on his whims. An object he could use as he desired, under a righteous guise.

The genetic stimulator buzzed with its first signs of salvation. Its whining, crackling chorale built to a deafening crescendo, and finally… silence. Lorna breathed deep and heavy. Her sweat sizzled into clean vapor off her tired limbs. At last, freedom. Freedom to use these new powers for a bit of revenge.

Or so she thought. Then she saw them.

“Behold! She stands before us now – the omnipotent empress of all evil mutants! For within her runs the blood of he whose name is sacred unto us!”

The X-Men had failed. Her heroes, the team of rebellious youths who righted wrongs with their tremendous mutant gifts, fell before Mesmero and his men. They stood as slumped, pale imitations of themselves. Angel’s glorious feathery wings hung low. Cyclops cast his ruby red visor downward. The hulking Beast hardly seemed able to move much less fling cars.

But the worst of what Lorna saw? Jean Grey. The fiery redhead who so often showed how women could fight just fine among the boys, now stood quietly behind their leader.

Witnessing their defeat, Lorna had a choice. One playing in her mind as she listened to the villain of this moment spout off another trite line to massage his own ego.

“Yes – now may I reveal that she is – daughter of Magneto – and Queen of Mutants! Hail, glorious queen!”

Play the part. Be the queen. Or step aside, be her old naive self and watch her heroes die right in front of her. Perhaps before her time through gadget hell, she might have left it to the X-Men to save her. Not anymore. Mustering some courage, she stepped forward with her arms high. She took on a dark, menacing mien – an easy task for her after suffering through eternal seconds of agony. It burned fresh in muscle memory, so hot that when she gazed on her allies and looked into their dreadful eyes, she did her best to assuage their fears by contorting her fingers into a pair of devil horns.

The devil horns. So simple. So misunderstood. Like them. Like mutants everywhere. What the old guard mistook as some perverse allegiance to the devil, up and coming teens knew its true meaning: a ward against the evil eye. Resistance to toxic authority, to a tin man with an M on his belt and a big head who sought to possess her and failed.

It was a minor gesture. One she hoped the X-Men would notice. Even if they didn’t, she needed to keep up her act. Absorbing the ludicrous despot’s manner of speech, she concocted a few lines and rattled them off as best she could.

“Now I understand the strange stirrings within me that tortured my soul almost from my first conscious moment! For, my father’s blood, though unknown to me, could not be silenced! Yes – I know my calling now! I am your – queen!”

The X-Men trembled. Mesmero’s followers kneeled. They bought it. Every one of them believed every word. That moment, right then, she knew she had it. Her opening.

Power coursed through her veins. Electric might sparked over her arms, slammed into her chest, danced through her light minty hair – its color drained to a paler shade than when her ordeal began. Mere feet away, Beast’s Mini-Cerebro fumed. Overloaded wires. It couldn’t take her energy. Hotter, brighter, it only took seconds – three seconds – before the brand new device exploded. Blue shards flew everywhere.

Ever since they took her, Mesmero’s men described her in many different ways. An M-II weapon. A living goddess. Empress. Queen. From a simple girl living a simple life, to some kind of evil master unto herself, her captors clearly had high ambitions for how they could purge her innocence and use her for themselves.

Too bad she had other ideas, and it all came down to one thing: that damned cross. Her captors may have seen it as a symbol of rebirth, but Lorna felt something different. She felt her ancestors. She felt good Jewish men and women who lived, and loved, and suffered and died because they dared to defy Roman law. Because they sought to be more than what people told them to be. Because they were special, and they showed it.

For all their bluster, Mesmero and his men were no different. They simply thought they could keep the body and kill her soul.

They failed. She still lived, whole, and she would make them pay for what they did. As she unleashed waves of force on those who claimed to worship her, she took on a mantle all her own. One that belonged to her by birthright.


The Polaris Chronicles – Chapter 4 – salarta – X-Men (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]

Second commission for Lorna’s 50th anniversary, completed by boxofwant! This time, I commissioned both this version and a NSFW version.

Their account is set to only be viewable (directly and via searches) with safe mode off, so I’m making this separate post for everyone to be able to see the safe version.

And of course, I do want to note that box was great to commission and very patient and accommodating with what I requested. 🙂

If you’re curious, the first anniversary piece I commissioned this year was this one by decoysnake.