House of X / Powers of X will not deserve support

I’m calling it now.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the teaser image.

The basic summary of this whole thing is that it’s supposedly covering X-Men history.

Obviously, as a Polaris fan I notice her exclusion. Beyond her, I notice no references to Genosha.

But you know what IS there? Fucking baby Havok.

That’s what they deem essential to X-Men history. Not Polaris being the second female X-Men member. Not the presence of Genosha as a mutant land, or Lorna having survived the genocide there and all it did to her. But what does matter? Fucking. Baby. Havok.

I’m just plain sick of pretending Marvel might surprise me and letting the event get here before I call it the fuck out. So I’m doing it now. Marvel is trash, and this event is going to be trash. It’s going to focus only on the storylines and characters Marvel deems “deserving” of use and respect, and exclude all of them that they have no respect for.

I’ve said my piece. Now to just wait until July rolls around and Marvel does what I said they would.

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