What to expect from House of X / Powers of X regarding Polaris

Yesterday, I made a post about how Marvel won’t deserve support for House of X and Powers of X.

The premise of this coming event from what I’ve seen people saying about it and the teaser image used for it is that it’s going to cover X-Men history and then show “a way forward” from that.

These are the different outcomes specific to Polaris that I’m prepping for, with varying levels of likelihood.

They’re not all guaranteed. In fact, some of them directly conflict with each other, meaning it’s impossible that all of them will happen. The intent is to prep for future behaviors I expect from Marvel based on Marvel’s past behavior.

  • Key moments where she was treated poorly rewritten to flat out replace/exclude her, so Marvel doesn’t have to acknowledge they treated her poorly in the past and make up for it
  • Lorna’s role and presence in Genosha and as Magneto’s heir purged
  • Lorna suddenly not Magneto’s daughter anymore
  • Excessive effort to present Lorna as primarily Havok’s girlfriend/a supporting character for him and make it somehow good
  • Rewrite in which Havok somehow got introduced before Lorna
  • Lorna suddenly having not become part of the X-Men until after Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Jubilee, etc, to ignore how she’s been around for 50 years and make it look like she was only created in the 90s

We’ll see which and how many of these come true, if any. They’re also limited by my imagination. Marvel could do something far shittier that I didn’t consider.

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