Disney and Fox are closing in on deal, could be announced next week: Sources

I have some things I feel I need to say about all of this.

I have made no secret about my pessimism and negativity toward Marvel itself, especially the idea of Disney managing to buy Fox productions and in so doing re-acquire the film rights to the X-Men franchise. Repeatedly, every time the notion of this deal has come up, I have talked about how this would be a terrible deal for the vast majority of fans.

I stick by that. Completely.

The normal “logic” some fans of various characters hold is that in this situation, they should keep quiet or perhaps even kiss Marvel’s ass. The thinking is that doing so means if Marvel does manage to buy the rights, they’re in Marvel’s good graces for future plans. The logic is that they can lobby Marvel to support their character once the rights go to Marvel.

But here’s the thing: I’m a Polaris fan. I’ve been one for 8 years. I know better.

I’ve seen Marvel’s history of treating Lorna poorly. I’ve watched as they technically did good things for her on rare occasions lately, but made absolutely certain that those good things never got any spread and never amounted to anything. And only so they couldn’t be accused of not doing them. Because they knew it looked bad for someone to be able to say this character that’s existed for over 40 years never once had her origin story told, or never lead a team of her own.

I was there for a certain editor at Marvel arguing that her ties to her father Magneto should be severed, and watched as he explicitly kept her out of family events and even had House of M scenes redrawn to remove her.

All of which is just recent. I’ve seen them seem to not acknowledge in any way that Polaris was treated like a punching bag for decades prior to the 00s. I’ve seen them ignore the fact that she survived the Genoshan genocide, a major traumatic episode that gave her severe PTSD. I saw that Marvel routinely and eagerly ignores major developments and events in her character existence just cause it doesn’t fit a certain era that treated her poorly.

I was there for Avengers vs X-Men, Axis, and everything with the Terrigen Mists. I saw how beyond just Lorna, Marvel viewed the X-Men franchise as so expendable that they could tear it down to build up the Avengers, then “replace” them with Inhumans.

I have two incentives to oppose Marvel getting the Fox studios. Poor treatment of Lorna, and poor treatment of the X-Men franchise in general.

Other fans may have their reasons for kissing ass, but I’m not going to. I know, for a fact, that Marvel having the film rights back means my favorite character is screwed, and most characters except the “most important” ones will get next to nothing from Marvel.

I can absolutely guarantee that if it were up to Marvel, I would not be watching Polaris be an awesome badass on Gifted. They would not have selected her to be a major featured character, and they most certainly would not have let her be as badass as she is on the show. Marvel’s view of her would have been that she should be either a minor supporting/background character, or the girlfriend of Havok, and nothing else.

That’s all Marvel sees in her. And I strongly suspect that Marvel would cancel Gifted or else kill off or demote Polaris once they gained control of the show.

Marvel spent the past 8 years keeping her separated from Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver before forcibly retconning the twins out of the family. They spent the past 8 years keeping Lorna isolated from broader X-Men and Marvel events, and excluding her from things like Axis where she sure as hell would have been involved if her actual stake in things was taken into account. Lorna’s back right now in X-Men Blue as a supporting character only, and that’s after putting her in forced limbo for two years.

Marvel’s made the fact it looks down on Polaris and doesn’t acknowledge her worth or potential very well known to me. I’m not going to kiss the company’s ass when I know they’ll do what they’ve already done for decades: tear her down. Hold her back. Undermine things she’s in.

We have Polaris on Gifted because Fox owns the film rights and Matt Nix wanted to use her. Marvel would not have done that all on its own.

End of my post.

Disney and Fox are closing in on deal, could be announced next week: Sources

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