Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots spoilers


Naomi Hunter was alive at the end of the game.


I think she faked her death, the cancer was a cover story, and the syringe bit was serious overacting to sell the idea she died. Nobody ever confirms she really had cancer as she clamed, and it fits her character perfectly to be deceptive in that manner. Also keeping in mind she’s responsible for the nanomachine issues, and Ocelot abducting her from jail proves she’d be at risk of being used like that again (whether by a government or some group) her whole life if people knew she was alive.


Naomi Hunter did not die in Metal Gear Solid 4.
Nano machines can like heal Vamp after being shot a million times but can’t cure cancer???
Bullshit she’s alive and was lying about cancer cause she knew Snake and Otacon would believe her.

I always thought she faked her death so no groups would continue trying to use her for their own ends, and that most people didn’t consider that likelihood because they didn’t want to really put much thought into Naomi as a character.