Metal Gear Solid V’s opening day was twice as good as Avengers: Age of Ultron’s

Hello! This is where I say some “I told you so” kind of things about Marvel.

I’ve said for a while now, Marvel is behind the times. Not by a huge lag time, they still hit on stuff that’s relevant, but they do so later than the rest of the world has gotten to that point. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is impressive,and innovative, but it also comes late. If we’re talking comics companies, DC was on the ball for the Dark Knight films well before Marvel had much to offer films-wise, and DC’s Arkham series of games were also a big milestone for comic book based video games while Marvel currently doesn’t have much to show for it.

And if we’re talking massive universe in multiple installments and forms of media? The .hack franchise beat Marvel to the punch a good decade early. That was a major multimedia undertaking that encompassed anime and video games mainly, but also manga.

What I’m getting at here is this: video games outrank films for revenue AND for hype among Marvel’s target demographics, and unlike films, Marvel actually has full control over what they do or don’t do with video games. No matter what Fox does or doesn’t do, there is nothing to stop Marvel from making a game about the X-Men or Fantastic Four that earns far more money and likely costs less to make than anything Fox could put out.

This is what I’ve meant every time I said Marvel undermining the X-Men and Fantastic Four on their end as an attempt to spite Fox is only really hurting Marvel. Fox isn’t the one missing out on the buzz and revenue a video game could provide, Marvel is.

Of course, we learned just yesterday that two X-Men TV shows are in the works. Hopefully this means Marvel’s finally moving away from an end point of Pyrrhic victory and toward actual victory.

Metal Gear Solid V’s opening day was twice as good as Avengers: Age of Ultron’s


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Can You Imagine Doom Inviting Both Sisters Out To Dinner?

Well, Why Not? Both Sisters Are Gorgeous And Doom Knows That.

Also, They Both Had Interesting Magic And Powers And That Was What He Found So Intriguing About Them. He Will Make Them Queens.

It would certainly be an interesting concept. The sisters are amazing and powerful in the rare cases Marvel allows them to interact and do things together.


Please Kill Us: Jean Grey and Sue Storm as Rebels With No Future

The image included here is by James Zark.

This is a powerful representation of Marvel’s current legacy, and that of pretty much everyone at Disney and Marvel that happily and maliciously pursues the current course.

This is what people will remember: that Disney and Marvel are so greedy, the egos of people running it are so inflated, that they’re willing to undermine and destroy whole worlds and characters people love and cherish with all their hearts just because Fox owns the film rights.

Is this what Marvel stands for? Crushing the dreams and memories of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people over cash and power? What about the people who have felt inspired and uplifted in their day to day lives because the X-Men and Fantastic Four exist? Do their lives mean less than selfish whims?

That does not mean Marvel isn’t still doing some admirable things. There’s female Thor. There’s the new Ms. Marvel, and finally promoting Carol Danvers up to Captain Marvel. There’s making Falcon into the new Captain America. But the good things do not balance out the bad. Just as donating to charity does not make up for viciously attacking someone, new good decisions do not cancel out new bad decisions.