FF4 旅路
by 4ways

This art is the way a lot of people think Rosa’s costume looks in-game for the DS remake, but if you look closely while playing the DS version, you’d see the stomach is a different shade from her skin. In other words, the same thing as her high res CG render.

Rydia how does it feel being the very first likeable female character in the Final Fantasy series? (And for that matter, the only likeable female character in the three Final Fantasy IV games)


The anonymous ask here demonstrates how readily some people choose to ignore everything Rosa does, the actual context of what happens with her, and how she influenced the whole series.

People act like Rosa’s terrible for getting desert fever, when in fact it’s not like she had control over that. It also proves that Rosa at LEAST crossed the desert all by herself, and possibly the mountains too, to reach Kaipo. Pursuing Cecil also showed she’s proactive, not going to simply weep away in Baron.

People act like Rosa getting kidnapped by Golbez was her fault, ignoring the actual context. All the fighters had been defeated, Kain was just about to kill Cecil, and the only thing that kept Cecil and the others from being killed was Rosa agreeing to let the enemy take her.

People act like Rydia got over her fear of fire all by herself, ignoring that Rosa provided emotional support for Rydia to be able to get over it.

People act like Cecil needing to get the crystal for Golbez to rescue Rosa and Tellah dying in the process makes her terrible for supposedly hurting the cause, but they ignore that Rydia’s presence on the ship from Fabul to Baron is what caused Leviathan to attack the ship – seriously injuring Edward, getting Yang mind-controlled, stranding Cecil at Mysidia (luckily that helped) and likely killing all the sailors.

Oh, and let’s not forget: if we’re looking to assign blame for things, Rydia could be blamed for Kain being mind-controlled on account of Titan splitting him and Cecil up.

My point is, there are a lot of Rydia fanboys and fangirls who go out of the way to put Rydia on a pedestal and treat Rosa like a terrible character, but doing that requires them to make things about Rosa out to be worse than they are while downplaying moments for Rydia that are just as bad.

Both characters have good and bad points, like all characters do. Claiming Rydia is the “first likable female character” is bullshit