Ohio woman who planned to commit mass attack at bar corresponded with Dylann Roof, worshiped ‘God-like’ Columbine shooters, FBI claims – NY Daily News





… aaaaand of course she had a Tumblr. 

Combing through her social media, cops found Lecron posted frequently about the Columbine shooters, and glorified other mass murderers, like Roof, who killed nine people at a church in Charleston in 2015. She even visited Columbine in August, promising the trip would be “fun” and that she was eager to share photos.

Lecron maintained a Tumblr account called “CharlestonChurchMiracle,” which featured dozens of photos and GIFs of serial killers and mass murderers like Ted Bundy, Nikolas Cruz and Adam Lanza, all interspersed with posts referencing depression, according to a release from the Department of Justice.

Tumblr did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jeff Fortunato, assistant special agent in charge of the Cleveland division of the FBI, said at the press conference that Lecron and the jailed Roof have been in contact since at least July.

She even tried to send the convicted killer Nazi literature, the release said.

And of course Tumblr hasn’t even taken it down yet! I guess staff only takes down murder junkie Nazi blogs when the kill count hits a certain minimum? Wtf???


There is such a huge “serial killer fangirl” community on tumblr I swear and many people run these blogs justifying it because they ‘just have an interest in true crime’. And like I’ve reported many of these blogs for glorifying serial killers/rapists and for hate speech but I don’t think they’ve ever taken a fucking blog down.

Tumblr @staff “logic”: titty is bad, mass murder is good.

Ohio woman who planned to commit mass attack at bar corresponded with Dylann Roof, worshiped ‘God-like’ Columbine shooters, FBI claims – NY Daily News

‘Escape the corset’: South Korean women rebel against strict beauty standards




Man South Korea is doing do great right now. If only we were more like them. 


okay but the article is seriously mis-titled and it also kind of… misses its focus?? yes, the beauty culture in south korea is insane, but the beauty culture isn’t one only or even main thing these women are so pissed off about…

south korean women are not doing this only as a backlash against the beauty industry/standards, they’re doing it as a much larger female liberation movement that was mainly spurred by rampant video-recording of women in restrooms for pornography and unaddressed sexual assault. they’re rebelling against what the patriarchy demands from them (socially-mandated ”traditionally feminine” looks such as long hair, makeup, etc) to point out that they don’t exist to be desirable. it’s not just because they all suddenly woke up one day and realized the makeup industry is bullshit (though it is).

and like, even though that’s the main reason, you still have to scroll down multiple paragraphs to get to the article even mentioning it?? and the article only TOUCHES on what’s really going on in these women’s minds. like i get that it’s easier and more consumer-friendly to talk about the evils of south korean makeup culture, but maybe focus a little bit more on the bigger issue these women are pointing out…

not to nitpick, it’s still an alright article. but the article makes it sound like this is a passive, peaceful protest and these women are happily out living their best lives right now. they aren’t, and their defiance has been met with very harsh reactions (assault, etc). these women are still spitting furious about a much realer problem than just unrealistic beauty standards, and their very reasonable demands are still not being addressed.

‘Escape the corset’: South Korean women rebel against strict beauty standards

The reason Tumblr vanished from the App Store: Child pornography that slipped through the filters



………….we knew this shit was an issue that staff has been ignoring for ages but it finally came to bite them in the ass


hey general psa that in the notes theres a bunch of really stupid misinformation bullshit (as i should have expected) abt how this is a fandom thing, about fanart/fanfiction, and i would just like to clarify for as many people as i can that this is not a fandom thing at all, it is an issue targeting IRL minors. 

minors have been running “sex work” blogs, selling private snapchats, et cetera, using tumblr as their platforms. there are also adult rings of CP (photographs and videos of IRL minors) distributors on tumblr that have managed to slip by filters. this is the issue being looked into by law enforcement, this is the issue being pursued by tumblr, and it is the reason the purge is being done so hastily and messily (protection of minors being sexually trafficked is generally more important than avoiding Jane Doe #193′s doctor who blog being nuked by accident). reporting fandom blogs to tumblr for written content and fanart is only going to confuse the matter further and make it more likely that minors will be put at greater risk (if fake reports come in massive quantities and drown out the real reports or make alarm fatigue likely).

please don’t spread misinformation y’all!

The reason Tumblr vanished from the App Store: Child pornography that slipped through the filters

20 Relationships That Hurt X-Men Comics (And 10 That Saved Them)

Oh hey, it’s yet another garbage CBR article written by someone that doesn’t care at all about Polaris. And who’s probably a Havok fanboy to boot.

I’ll save you a click. Here’s the text.

For a long time, the X-Men were simply five mutants. They finally got some new blood in the form of Cyclops’ brother, Alex. A mission had the team rescuing Lorna Dane, a beautiful green-haired woman with magnetic powers. She and Alex were drawn together and soon embarked on a romantic relationship. They left the X-Men for a time but later returned and kept their romance up while fighting evil. They also worked together as part of X-Factor.

True, there have been roadblocks. Each has succumbed to mind control that put the other in danger. Havok once dumped Lorna at the altar to send her over the edge. Yet they still stick together in the X-Men and show how they have an almost magnetic attraction to one another that’s created an enduring off-and-on romance.

First: the article author acts like Havok came first and Lorna came second, when Lorna had her big intro with X-Men #49-50 and Havok appeared in #54.

Second: the author conveniently leaves out how Havok’s had one new romantic relationship per decade while Marvel’s only ever allowed Lorna to have one in all 50 years (or two if you count Iceman).

Third: the author conveniently leaves out the circumstances behind Lorna stuck with Havok, how they all hinge on forcing Lorna to go with him when it’ll look good for him. “They left the X-Men” and “they worked on X-Factor” doesn’t get across how Lorna was shafted with the role of “supporting character girlfriend for his story.”

The bottom line is that what Marvel’s done to Lorna with Havok isn’t “an enduring off-and-on romance.” It’s enduring abuse of a female character for the benefit of a male character.

The writer of this article proves it himself with my very first point. If it was good and special like he bullshits it being, he would’ve accurately described how Lorna was brought into the fold. Instead, he spins to make Havok look good at Lorna’s expense. Tries to make it sound like Havok comes first and Lorna comes after him as a damsel to save.

I do have to thank the writer for one thing though: it reaffirms the fuck out of my decision to not buy anything Marvel after this year until Lorna gets a solo, mini, oneshot or leads a team book without Havok. If people are going to talk about Lorna like this, Disney is even less deserving of money and support than I thought until they fix it.

20 Relationships That Hurt X-Men Comics (And 10 That Saved Them)

Opinion | Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help the LGBTQ community. I was wrong.


No you didn’t. You just thought he would hurt people in ways that wouldn’t affect you personally because you’re rich and white. You had no idea he would go so far as to try to erase you completely and you were just fine when you thought he’d only be hurting other folks. 

Please get out of my face.

Add Caitlyn Jenner to the list of Poor Me’s who are now anti-Trump bc he’s hurting THEM now: 

– married to an undoc. immigrant 

– ineligible for healthcare 

– business owner affected by trade 

– “fiscally conservative” but LGBT 

Remember: they were fine with everyone else suffering.

Opinion | Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help the LGBTQ community. I was wrong.

25 X-Men That Should Be Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Somehow Still Pulled Off)

The only good thing about this article is the cosplayers themselves. The write-up for Lorna is trash. As shown below.

Polaris is yet another classic X-Men character, with mutant abilities
that are almost exactly the same as Magneto’s. This led to a storyline
where Magneto claimed to be her father, although it was later revealed
that this Magneto was just an android.

She may not be an entirely popular choice to cosplay, but Polaris is
probably going to become more popular due to her inclusion in the show The Gifted. We might end up seeing more cosplays like this one, done by CheekerCosplay (photograph by FirstPerson Shooter).

The article writer deliberately omits the fact that she’s been confirmed as Magneto’s daughter.

Thanks to @lordtimeblogposts for making me aware of the article.

25 X-Men That Should Be Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Somehow Still Pulled Off)