Hello! This is one of the things I stumbled across recently and needed to post here. It took a fair amount of time to get all of this together, because not only are the images scattered, but I wanted to make sure they were the best quality I could find.

All of these pictures are from something called BurlXMen, a burlesque take on these X-Men, including some genderswap versions of male characters. They were taken at San Diego Comic Con 2016.

There are more pictures out there. Because I’m a Polaris fan, I only bothered with pictures including her, and I left out minor variants. If you’re a fan of one of these other characters, it’s worth your time to check around (including at the links for photographers given below) for more pictures of them.

Now for the credits. First, the cosplayers.

Jean Grey/Phoenix – Ivy Doomkitty
Emma Frost – Castle Corsetry
Magneto – Wendy Waagenaar
Mystique – Elisa Teague
Jubilee – Vivid Vivka
Rogue – Miss Chrissy Lynn
Gambit – Milynn Sarley
Polaris – Jessie Blaufus
Cyclops – Amanda Lynne
Wolverine – Krystle Starr

Next, the photographers.

Con Woman Photography
Justin Andrew Davidson
Jody Cortes 
Michael Greening
Eurobeat Kasumi

Aaaand… I don’t know the photographer for the last one. I got it from Nerd Ninja on Twitter.


Cherik Sounds of the music AU! – Charles was teaching literature at a christian school but at the same time secretly teaching his students about biology and evolution so he was kicked out of the school. Sister Moira helped him find his new job as a governor/private tutor at Lensherr household. There he meets Capt. Erik and his six children(three adopted and three his own). Charles quickly finds out that in this household the first rule is indeed discipline, but that rule will soon come to change.

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Sisterhood of Evil Mutants by Franchesco

The artist wanted to keep the green-haired woman in back a secret, and so wouldn’t confirm who it is or isn’t. Most guesses were for Polaris, which lines up with the number of asterisks the artist used in his description for the name. Whether it really is or isn’t her, I prefer to think it is. 🙂