A response

This was a reply to my pointing out that Lorna wasn’t included in the family tree I talked about on my previous post.

And the below is what I posted to Tumblr a little earlier.

Maybe this is sincerely what happened. An artist, given some guidelines and not much else, doing what he could with the resources he had. Magneto and Polaris aren’t on Wanda’s family list on the wikia right now, after all. So an innocent mistake is perfectly possible.


This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Here’s everything I can remember right this second of the same type that has happened to Lorna onlysince I discovered her in 2009.

  1. House of M portrait redrawn to remove her
  2. Excluded from family moments in Avengers vs X-Men, No More Humans, Axis
  3. Excluded from X-Men franchise 50th anniversary amalgam covers, yet Havok got to be on them
  4. Attempts to replace Lorna, first with Enchantress on Axis, then with Luminous on Uncanny Avengers
  5. Cover for All-New X-Factor #14 (issue of Lorna with Wanda) withheld until Friday before release, while Axis variant cover tinted to make Enchantress look more like Lorna is out months in advance
  6. Lorna’s return to comics with X-Men Blue, which included a cover focused on her, is hijacked to promote Havok and make it all about him
  7. Excuses made by Brevoort for why Lorna “can’t” be Magneto’s daughter or why she “can’t” be part of major events because they’re “only for A-listers and B-listers”
  8. General excuses for why she’s somehow not viable for a solo, mini, oneshot, leading a team book, things much more obscure characters get in spades

What I’ve learned is that Marvel screws Lorna over and then excuses are made after the fact to try to paper over it.

“ANXF #14′s cover didn’t come out sooner cause it was a double shipping month!”

“Lorna wasn’t included in the 50th anniversary covers cause it was whatever the artists wanted to draw!”

And I suppose if all of those artists decided not to draw the O5 then they’d just not be acknowledged. And that it was absolutely necessary stick to “double shipping month” rules for a cover release, and that Marvel would always strictly adhere to that rule under all circumstances.

The fact of the matter is, people at Marvel have a bias against Lorna and they spout whatever excuses come to mind to justify their biases. At one point, an editor tried to use not receiving tweets asking about Lorna as a justification for not putting much focus on her.

I’ve been putting up with Marvel’s bullshit for a decade now. They had plenty of chances to demonstrate a different side. And there were times where I thought they were doing so – leading ANXF, having her origin story told, letting her be a big figure for Secret Wars – but each of those were either undermined in some way or precursors to things like throwing her into limbo or promoting Havok at her expense.

My perception of Marvel is one of a company that doesn’t actually give a shit about quality or improving on the past or diversity. Just a company that wants people to THINK they care about those things, while doing the opposite everywhere else they can get away with.

It’s going to take a lot for Marvel to convince me otherwise now. Because they’ve spent 10 years showing me this is who they really are underneath the PR stunts and empty words.

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