from 11/24 to 12/24 i am doing a 30% winter holiday discount on the base prices of all on my commissions! get your friends or family an art present for yuletide, hanukkah, kwanzaa, christmas, any other winter holiday, or just for yourself!

my (un-reduced) commission prices will be rising afterwards so this is your last chance to get commissions in this price margin!

guidelines + info:

i do not draw: mecha, furries, nsf*w (nonsexual nudity ok), extreme g*ore, animals as a sole focus, or minor/adult, incestuous or otherwise abusive ships. i reserve the right to reject commission requests for any reason.

all prices are in usd and through paypal (i can also do venmo if you don’t have access to a paypal account). prices may rise depending on complexity of backgrounds or additional graphic design. 

i take payment before i start work on a commission. after payment, i will have a month max to complete it; if i cannot complete it in that time, you will be refunded in full! if you need me to have it done at a certain time, let me know and we can work out a rush fee!

(these prices are for art commissioned for personal/nonprofit use – if you want me to draw something for something you’re using for monetary profit, please lmk and i’ll give you a quote/inform you of my commercial terms!)

contact me via e-mail for commissions at! ✨

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Fuck this hurts.

What’s even crazier is that the woman actually came out and said she lied on him.

Turn his murderers’ graves into a public restroom.

Or actually put his accuser on fucking trial already.


This shit ain’t ancient history. Odds are the people who shot up the sign are probably her’s, J.W. Milam’s and/or Roy Bryant’s children. =P