I had a random thought today about Secret Wars.

If the various battle worlds of Secret Wars were made in the image of how Doctor Doom imagined them, then does that mean the way Polaris is in Secret Wars: House of M is how he perceives her?

More specifically, Lorna is presented as very much the prodigal daughter. At a time when the rest of the family has largely dropped their defenses about potential threats, Lorna is still very sharp and watchful. She’s the only one who really raises a defense against an invasion. She reins Magneto in at times as a good influence, and is more willing at first to work with humans than Magneto is.

There’s also a tease of the idea of Lorna and Black Cat working together in burglary.

Bearing all that in mind, does this mean Doctor Doom perceives Polaris as a major and hidden threat? As a good moral influence on Magneto? As potentially the most capable and biggest obstacle anyone could face out of the entire family, with fewer obvious weaknesses to exploit than the rest of the family?

Or, perhaps does it mean he knows so little about Lorna that he had to fill in the blanks, and in filling in the blanks, he realized what he doesn’t know CAN hurt him?

Keep in mind I’m not saying the depictions of the characters show who they are normally (though I think that’s the case for Polaris’ depiction in SW:HoM).

If Polaris and Doctor Doom ran into each other, would Doctor Doom fear her more than Magneto and see her as a much greater threat than him?


Can You Imagine Doom Inviting Both Sisters Out To Dinner?

Well, Why Not? Both Sisters Are Gorgeous And Doom Knows That.

Also, They Both Had Interesting Magic And Powers And That Was What He Found So Intriguing About Them. He Will Make Them Queens.

It would certainly be an interesting concept. The sisters are amazing and powerful in the rare cases Marvel allows them to interact and do things together.