Parks And Cons on Twitter

I’ve noted in the past how Marvel (likely really Brevoort) tried to mess with casual readers by a) undermining All-New X-Factor #14 where Polaris and Scarlet Witch would actually spend time as sisters, while b) putting out the following Axis variant cover where they tried to make Enchantress look more like Polaris (instead of actually using Polaris in addition to Enchantress).

As I’ve noted many times before, that attempt to screw with Polaris fans and casual readers backfired. People keep mistaking Enchantress for Polaris on that cover (like, for example, this ebay listing for an art print).

The tweet behind this post demonstrates, to me, the continuing impact of that decision.

Polaris, due to being new and very low supply compared to high demand, can go for around $30 right now. By contrast, Enchantress can be bought for $10. This combo means that if a scammer wants to do it, they could buy both figures, put Enchantress in the Polaris box, “return” it, and save themselves about $20. Or alternately, reap a $15-20 profit.

This scheme relies on the average employee not knowing both Polaris and Enchantress exist, and not knowing their physical differences.

A problem that wouldn’t exist, or barely exist, if Marvel promoted both characters heavily. Instead of trying to undermine one of them to promote the other.

For example, with that Axis cover above, Enchantress’ body language doesn’t match Polaris’ personality. But Marvel (again, really Brevoort) refusing to promote Polaris means they won’t pick up on that body language cue. They’ll just assume it’s Polaris.

The solution to this ongoing problem is simple: acknowledging Polaris, and using her enough for people to know when a character isn’t her. Something Marvel apparently doesn’t know how to do.

Parks And Cons on Twitter