X-POSITION: Bunn Readies “Uncanny X-Men” for “Apocalypse Wars,” Hellfire Club & “Civil War II”

“Uncanny” shares a lead character with your previous X-Book, “Magneto.” AcesX1X wants to know more about how those books are connected.

Are there any remnants of your “Magneto” solo that you wanted to bring over to “Uncanny X-Men,” but were unable to for whatever reason?

Hey, AcesX1X. I don’t think there were any elements of “Magneto” that I was unable to bring over. There are definitely some characters – such as Briar Raleigh and Polaris and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were chasing Magneto – that I have plans for in the series in the near future, but I have to make sure a few pieces fall into place before I introduce them.

Thanks once again to @lordtimeblogposts for sharing this with me!

Also, Bunn mentioned Hellfire Club will be in this, and I’m really really hoping Lorna is part of that. Nothing wrong at all if she isn’t, of course, but I’d still like it.

X-POSITION: Bunn Readies “Uncanny X-Men” for “Apocalypse Wars,” Hellfire Club & “Civil War II”

Polaris in Hellfire Club: Thoughts

Greetings everyone!

I saw a post made by someone elsewhere that raised the idea of Polaris/Lorna Dane being part of the Hellfire Club in future X-Men comics. So, I’m making a post about it! These are my thoughts on the possibility of Lorna in the Hellfire Club.



First off, let’s consider: what’s the nature of the Hellfire Club? How does it operate, and who joins?

I have to be honest and admit that I don’t know a ton about the Hellfire Club outside snippets here and there. I could be wrong about some things I mention. Correct me if I’m off base.

At its core, the Hellfire Club is akin to the Illuminati as a secret cabal of powerful people trying to change the world to their ends. It does this through political and economic power and wealth.

The question might be, how could Lorna be part of such a group? The easiest answer might be Genosha. If she inherits Magneto’s place on Genosha while he’s out fighting in Uncanny X-Men, she would have the wealth and power of a nation, in addition to her own might.

Alternately, her time leading All-New X-Factor could be in-roads through Harrison Snow. We saw in ANXF that he has immense wealth, and a lot of political clout. Not to mention, the nuclear football situation during Red Skull’s
actions in Axis could grant Lorna a lot of political clout and leverage
with the president of the United States. That alone could be enough to get her into the Hellfire Club.

Lastly, we have seen Briar on the Magneto solo has plenty of money and connections, a deep love for and interest in Magneto, and the party Briar invites Lorna to could even be an sly introduction to a new Hellfire Club – one Briar perhaps invites Lorna to join.


There are a variety of ways it could happen.


Another question, though. The Hellfire Club is typically dark/villainous. So how could Lorna be part of it?

The easiest answer: the term ‘Hellfire Club’ is being used in a rebellious sense. Recent comics imply that the world sees mutants as dangerous and evil. In this context, use of the term ‘Hellfire Club’ to describe the group could be less “this is a blatantly evil organization” and more “we’re people the world thinks are evil because we’re mutants, so we’ll use that against them”.

A second answer: Lorna has shown dark periods in her own history. The most prominent period was during Austen’s run, after the Genoshan massacre and Magneto’s supposed death.


She’s been willing to kill or hurt people, as well as indulge in kinks and taboos, in the past. It’s based on specific circumstances, but it’s happened. In current events, it’s been about a year since Secret Wars. Perhaps Lorna thought Magneto died (or he really was dead), and she’s gone dark again in the year since?

Last and most boring option I’m listing here, Lorna could be possessed yet again.

Naming Conventions

Okay, so say we’ve got Lorna in the Hellfire Club. What kind of name would she have? Aren’t the names traditionally white or black, with some occasional red, as per the game of chess?

I actually looked into this. At its basic, the convention was really only to have two contrasting colors. The black and white dichotomy arose to refer more to ‘light’ and ‘dark’ pieces. The very earliest pieces didn’t even have color differences.

It turns out, there WERE chess sets in the 1800s that used green. Very extensive information on these sets, including Islamic sets, mention of a ‘green king’, etc, can be found here. Pictures below come from this site.


By this information, you could most definitely have Lorna as a ‘green queen’ rather than your typical black and white with occasional red.

Personal note: ‘green queen’ sounds awkward to me. I think Emerald Queen or Jade Queen sound better. But then, if handled right, it might sound just fine. Pop culture is rife with names that sounded absurd at first until people got used to them (e.g. Nintendo Wii).


Now we get to a big question: attire. What would Lorna wear?

In traditional Hellfire Club styles, women wore extremely sexually suggestive clothing, in a BDSM manner.


Typical Hellfire Club attire is corsets, panties (or whatever those may properly be called), elbow gloves and capes.

In all honesty, this isn’t THAT far off from Lorna’s usual costume.


If you remove the tights from mid-shin to her torso, turn her bracers into elbow gloves and turn the front of her costume into the tied up string style, it’s pretty much the same as what Hellfire Club women have worn in the past.

More importantly, Lorna’s demonstrated pride in her body and a willingness to show it or at least not mind doing so. During Austen’s run, while still reeling from the Genoshan massacre, she didn’t mind Wolverine seeing her nearly naked.


More importantly, in X-Factor and while not dealing with any trauma whatsoever, therapy sessions with Doc Samson about her body issues led her into deciding to take pride in her body and show it off with THIS costume.


Lorna has a history of willingness to show off her body in the same manner as women of the Hellfire Club have. It’s very possible indulging in the taboo elements of the Hellfire Club’s ways can lead her to want to show even more.

Alternately: who says the Hellfire Club HAS to dress this way?


Just because OLD comics present women as wearing BDSM corsets and garters and the like, does not mean a new Hellfire Club for a new generation can’t allow the women to wear more formal, elegant attire. They don’t even need to be dresses like the one seen here on far right (I believe Selene?). Perhaps Lorna could wear a suit like the men shown here.


Like so many things, I think there’s definitely a lot of potential to the idea of Lorna as part of the Hellfire Club, and I think there are many ways it can be done that make perfect sense.

Plus, people make the big mistake of pigeonholing her as a “goody good girl” who would never say or do anything that isn’t the absolute peak of staunch, restrained moral good. Lorna in the Hellfire Club might allow people to better see the shades of grey she’s always had.

Suggestion: perhaps one day, whether 616 or AU, we could see Lorna and Wanda both in the Hellfire Club? 😉 They’d go great with Jean Grey or Madelyne Pryor as Black Queen, Emma Frost as White Queen, Wanda as Red Queen, and Lorna as Green/Jade/Emerald Queen.

Those are my thoughts, do with them as you wish! I hope if nothing else, anyone that reads this starts thinking of all the possibilities for Lorna in all sorts of contexts.

Sisterhood of Evil Mutants by Franchesco

The artist wanted to keep the green-haired woman in back a secret, and so wouldn’t confirm who it is or isn’t. Most guesses were for Polaris, which lines up with the number of asterisks the artist used in his description for the name. Whether it really is or isn’t her, I prefer to think it is. 🙂