Phoenix Force by LEADPIPEBILL

I’ve always felt Polaris would’ve been a good third case like Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch as a major event focus, and I think some people at Marvel agree or at least did at one point too. An AU version of her was included as one of the Hysteries in Fantastic Force back in 2009.


Rogue – Ryoko-Demon
Mystique – Rei-Doll
Magneto – Michael Muraki
Xavier – Grishan
Jubilee – Margo
Wolverine – Torankusu
Boom-Boom – Kuro-sama
Scarlet Witch – Santa
Toad – Scythe – Meister
Polaris – Ari
Phoenix – Saoko Tai
Emma Frost – Endleria


Behold the proud mutant dad of three beautiful children. UMvC3 Magneto never fails to make me happy. Thank you Capcom for not forgetting Lorna.(and Blob, you are so cute…)

Important note, originally Lorna wasn’t in that ending. Capcom added her in later during an update. That’s one of the occasional good things Marvel has done for Polaris in the past 6 years, one I forgot about until this post.