Scarlet Witch #9

Poor Pietro, writers have been trying to turn him evil since the ‘80s.

This issue is a disgrace. Now that Magneto is out of the picture, they need another strong, male, influence in Wanda’s life to use as a scapegoat and pin every character flaw and every bad move of hers on him.

And Pietro a sociopath? While he may have some characteristics, I don’t think he

is one.

*skim reads through these pages*

I see I’m not missing anything at all by not reading this book. The only question I have is, why is this book still going?

These pages are about on par quality-wise with All-New X-Factor (trying to avoid personal bias; otherwise I’d say ANXF was much better).

Sales for the Scarlet Witch solo have been several thousand lower since issue #2 than ANXF had at any point during its short run.

The Scarlet Witch solo book got a hell of a lot more promotion than ANXF ever received, though that’s admittedly not saying a lot since ANXF was given effectively negative promotion (Pietro kept off covers while Days of Future Past was in theaters, the Lorna and Wanda issue’s cover withheld until the Friday before the issue’s release, etc).

By around this point in ANXF’s run, Marvel announced its cancellation, despite performing better with much less promotion and fewer resources. Yet, here we are. The Scarlet Witch solo continues anyway.

For those of you who love this solo ongoing for Wanda, I am not saying she does not deserve one. I’m not even really saying Marvel should cancel this book.

My real point is this. Compared to the Scarlet Witch solo, All-New X-Factor sold better, generated more fandom excitement, its quality improved over time with feedback (starting with ANXF #7, IMO), and did all of that despite sabotage and lack of support from Marvel. It was the first time Polaris got to lead a team in her own right, explore romance possibilities with Gambit, and interact with her brother Pietro and sister Wanda.

Yet, here we are. The book featuring Lorna got canceled and she’s been thrown into limbo for over half a year now, while Wanda has her own solo still going in spite of everything working against it.

I can’t think of any clearer sign of Marvel’s bias against Polaris and her potential than this situation right here.

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