your 8 days of Jewish superheroes is amazing! I was wondering, is Lorna Dane also Jewish?


thanks man. i think last year and the year before when i made those posts i just went to a marvel wiki and searched for jewish characters and made edits of whoever was on the list. i don’t remember if lorna dane was on the list or not. if she was, i probably would have made edits of her. that doesn’t really mean anything tho. i’m not as knowledgable about lorna or the rest of the maximoff family so i’m not really the person to ask. : sorry lol i’m not much help in this department.

I has an answer! Some of it direct knowledge, some of it what I’ve been told by others.

Ethnic and racial background, Polaris is Jewish, since her father Magneto is Jewish. That’s a definite.

Religion, however, is unknown. Someone pointed out once that Lorna hid out in a Catholic church and lit candles there, but doing so could have been part of the act of hiding. It may or may not have had anything to do with actual religious beliefs she holds.

I also very vaguely recall Polaris saying one Hebrew word at the end of an issue in the end of the recent X-Factor (not All-New X-Factor) comic book run, but I can’t recall what that word was and I don’t have and can’t find a scan.

So, for her race/ethnicity, we know she’s Jewish. Her religion, however, is still open-ended because of Marvel’s continued failure to use her. Personally, I stick to the thought that either she follows Judaism or she’s started really getting into it after re-discovering that Magneto is her father. Moreso the latter because I like the idea that she’s in her 20s/30s and only now finding out about this whole world and philosophy she never knew existed… but that might be self-indulgence because that’s what happened to me with Polaris herself.

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