Relationship Options for Polaris



When I talk about Polaris and her relationships, I normally talk about her family. The order tends to be Scarlet Witch, then Magneto, then Quicksilver, with the occasional other character.

I’ve decided to list some characters Lorna’s interacted with in the past that could lead to story opportunities. And, because Marvel can’t seem to give a damn about Polaris and use her at all, I’m going to talk about what could be done in her relationships with these characters. It’s not like there’s any risk that anyone at Marvel won’t write any of it due to me pointing it out.

It’s not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add other characters when reblogging if you wish.

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Great list and insights! Aside from the many X-Factor characters (many of whom have been retired it seems for the time being) I would love to see Lorna pair up with Emma. First of all their shared misery over Genosha. Second, Emma stood up for Lorna against Alex after he left her. Third, both have tendencies for “darkness” (plz excuse the simplicity I am typing on my phone); Emma was the Hellfire Club’s queen and Lorna has said she thinks there is good and bad in everyone (and she was more than willing to work for a super shady corporation- I always thought her line about Serval being do gooders was naive at worst, wilful ignorance maybe, or a straight up lie bc honestly).

Also I would love to see her interactions with Mystique. They were on a team when Mackie wrote X-Factor (while Victor Creed was interested in both of them – a stalker storyline that we have seen alluded to but never really played out between them).

Also I wanna meet Lorna’s mother’s family, and her step father’s family. We see so little of them in comics I almost believe she was estranged from the people who raised her.

Thank you! And that last one is a VERY good and interesting point! I think you hit on something with Lorna’s mother’s family and foster parents that’s been very overlooked by every Lorna fan out there until now, including myself.

The reasoning behind the original forced retcon for Lorna, which claimed she isn’t Magneto’s daughter, was some supposed investigation Iceman did into Lorna’s family history.

This becomes very interesting for a few reasons. Why and how is it that Iceman met with Lorna’s parents, entirely off panel, but Lorna didn’t? How did Iceman manage to “conclusively” learn that Magneto supposedly wasn’t Lorna’s father with such a short turn-around time of investigation, in a pre-Internet age where everything was on books and print newspapers and microfiche?

There are a lot of possibilities, but personally, I think the easiest explanations are 1) Lorna’s foster parents had some kind of bias or vested interest in convincing Iceman that Lorna wasn’t Magneto’s daughter (possibly because Magneto was perceived as purely a terrorist at the time), and 2) Lorna is estranged from her foster parents, just as you said. You’d think one of the very first things Lorna would’ve done on hearing Magneto was her father was contact her foster parents to learn more.

About Lorna being part of Serval’s X-Factor, and her claiming they’re do-gooders. In all honesty, I think Peter David’s intent was for her to be stupidly naive and eventually have a “shocking revelation” down the line. But, I think it would be more true to her character if she knew Serval was bad but wanted to turn their resources toward good, hoping to change the company from within. The scene where Pietro speaks highly of Lorna as an inspiration in one of ANXF’s issues would’ve been great lead-in for that, and it could’ve also been build-up for why Lorna has supported Havok so often.

It would also fit well with the thoughts on both Lorna and Emma having darkness in them. Lorna seems to deny her dark side most of the time rather than explore and indulge in it, and trying to help others avoid it might be her way of denying it within herself.

I wanted to say something about Mystique, but I couldn’t think of much to say to make a case there.

My head’s spinning now with thoughts about Lorna’s mother’s side of the family now. 🙂

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