Polaris, Prisoner X = Gifted, perceived value at Marvel

Preview from Prisoner X

I don’t know how to do a shortcode for a link preview, or if it’s even possible on WordPress with a shortcode, so I’ll just use a link.

The above image is a preview from an AIPT article. Comparisons have already been made between various images of Prisoner X and the version of Lorna on Gifted. Even if there weren’t already, I would’ve eventually brought it up when the book started publishing.

I’m currently getting two takeaways from this usage of Lorna and what it means regarding how Marvel perceives her value as a character.

Takeaway #1: Timetable.

The episodes of Gifted version Lorna locked up took place in fall 2017. It’s now spring 2019. That means Marvel coming up with this scenario, approving it, and creating it all took a little over a year. IF (big if) we assume the gears got turning immediately, this is the length of time it takes for Marvel to turn fan interests and demands into a new project. But then, there’s…

Takeaway #2: Marvel thinks Lorna doesn’t deserve to be the star of anything.

Despite this scenario clearly being at least partly inspired by what happened on Gifted’s version of the character, Lorna is not the leader nor the main star of Prisoner X. That role belongs to Bishop.

Now before Bishop fans complain, let me make one thing clear: I am not saying Bishop does not deserve to lead a book. What I AM saying is that Lorna could and should have easily had a book of her own to be the leader or star of while Bishop had his as well.

Instead, Marvel took a scenario that starred Lorna, made Bishop the star, turned Lorna into a secondary character, and applied the title of an old 90s comic for good measure.

What this tells me is that even with:

  • Gifted’s version of Lorna being the most popular on the show,
  • growing demand for her to have a solo, and
  • everything Marvel did to screw her over for Havok’s benefit last year on Blue

Marvel still thinks of her as too “worthless” to merit even due credit when an idea that she was used for on TV gets used in the comics.

If you question why I’m not engaging in anything Disney until Lorna gets a solo, mini, oneshot or leads a team book again, this sort of behavior out of Marvel is why.

They appear to give her things, and technically to a certain extent they do. But they keep screwing her over in the details, the deliberate execution of what they do.

In the most technical terms? Lorna being on Prisoner X rather than nothing is good. And maybe she’ll be written amazing on it. It’s not out yet. Can’t tell.

Just like how Lorna being on Blue was technically a good thing, but then everything about her got undermined to promote Havok and partly Magneto. And how Lorna was prominent in Secret Wars, only to be thrown into limbo for two years. And how when she finally got to spend time with her sister Wanda, Marvel made certain the cover for it didn’t go out until the Friday before release, they didn’t promote it at all, and then they promptly made Wanda and Pietro suddenly not Magneto’s kids again.

Marvel keeps doing things that look good on the surface. Then you look at the details and the details suck. And then they and some of their apologists that think Marvel can do no wrong will act like there’s no actual problem, or like these deliberately compromised projects should be revered because they’re better than nothing.

Despite the fact if this was Storm, or Wolverine, or Jean, or all sorts of other characters, fans would be pissed, and Marvel wouldn’t risk such treatment because they know better.

Marvel has a very “You want this? Oh yeah, well we’ll pretend to listen, give you something that technically fits but violates the spirit of what you want, and expect you to be satisfied” attitude to complaints. This isn’t me waking up one day and saying all of this out of nowhere. I now have 10 years of experience to draw from, that forms the basis of why I think and react the way I do toward this company.

I was planning to read Prisoner X. I’m unsure at the moment, but I’m still leaning toward doing so. Despite the fact Bishop should have a different book to star/lead, and Lorna should be the star/lead of this one given the source Marvel is clearly drawing from in making this book.

And that’s all I have to say right now.

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