From the Fires and Ashes (Rydia & Rosa – Final Fantasy IV)


((another FF Kiss Battle thing I’m getting around to posting))

The crying might
have stopped, but the nightmares didn’t.
Fire greeted her every night and taunted her with death. No matter where Rydia
ran, the flames towered over her. Everyone she knew and came to love lied in
the wake of the firestorm as nothing but bone and ash.

Before the fire
could claim her life as its own, she forced herself awake, jolting upright and
gasping for air. The same dream always visited her. She told herself to stand
strong, for that was what her mother would have wanted, yet when she slipped
away from consciousness, something in the deep crevasses of her mind insisted
she hadn’t recovered from the trauma.

I won’t cry, Rydia convinced herself, drawing her knees into her
chest. Nu-uh! Not going to happen. I’m done with
crying. I’m better than that.

But her body
deceived her, already shaking as she sat alone in bed. Her muscles ached from
the previous day’s activity and begged for sleep,
but the demons in her mind echoed with their cackles. Rydia shuddered and
buried her face in her knees. It was all in her head, yet that was somehow
worse than the reality she lived in each waking day.

“Rydia, what’s the matter?”

The voice was
softer than the blanket she wrapped herself in, yet had her jerking her head
upward. Within the dark room, moonlight sifted through the few windows and
revealed Rosa sitting on the edge of her bed. No sign of either Cecil or

“Nothing,” Rydia insisted. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? I heard you tossing and turning for some

Rydia opted for

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