They were trying to take a picture. Anyway, Happy Hanukkah from a big metal family.

(Pictured: Erik Lehnsherr/ Magneto, May Parker, Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Maximoff, Piedro Maximoff, Peter Parker, Harley Keener, and Polaris/ Lorna Dane)

Notable details: Polaris’ shirt says T’Challah in reference to the black panther and bread from Jewish cuisine, Tony’s arch reactor is in the shape of the Star of David, Erik’s scarf has the design of his helmet.

Some of these are from my own headcanons, at first I wanted to include Tony and Pepper because RDJ and Gwenyth Paltrow are Jewish, I included Peter, Harley, and May because I wanted to.

Anyway, I had fun drawing everyone in sweaters too.

D’aww, this is sweet. Thanks for drawing and post.

Natalie Portman’s Christmas Tree

People following my blog may have seen this post from me asking about whether or not certain Christmas holiday elements, even without the portions involving Christianity and leaving it just at stuff like Santa and trees, would be offensive and disrespectful to Lorna and Wanda given their Jewish descent via Magneto. Some of you replied, which I greatly appreciate.

My understanding of things got murky with responses. Some said it was a problem with erasure, others questioned lineage (traditional matrilineal vs modern openness to either parent) and whether or not either of them really follow Judaism given they haven’t been displayed doing so.

After reading the article I linked here, I think I’ve come to my answer: don’t do it.

When I was uncertain, my uncertainty was because I grasped the problem if it was enforcing another religion onto these characters. What I didn’t understand is that Hanukkah runs much deeper than that. The article notes it’s not just a problem of one religion supplanting another, it’s a problem if any kind of event – religious or not – takes precedence over Jewish identity.

If anyone can provide me with ideas for next year around this time, that utilize Wanda and Lorna’s red and green colors and still fully respect their Jewish descent, then please share. Otherwise, this is just one thing I will be leaving off entirely in favor of trying to figure out something else I can do that is good and respectful.

Thanks again to everyone who provided input!

Natalie Portman’s Christmas Tree

Hey all! I have a question. Since I wouldn’t have time to do it this year, this is mainly a question for next year.

A few years back, I thought of writing and commissioning things of Polaris and Scarlet Witch playing on the fact they’re green and red, Christmas colors.

Now, here’s the thing (which is obvious to people who know the characters): as daughters of Magneto, they’re both Jewish. They haven’t really displayed following Judaism very much to my knowledge, aside from Peter David writing a couple lines here and there of Lorna speaking Hebrew phrases.

So my question is this. Without using the Christ part of “Christmas” and sticking to things like Santa, the tree (which actually has pagan roots), elves, reindeer, etc, would it be acceptable or offensive to do anything with Lorna and Wanda tying into the holiday? Are there caveats where it would be acceptable if certain conditions are met?

I apologize in advance if even asking these questions upsets and offends anyone. I’ve gone the past few years keeping them to myself, but now I feel it’s better for me to ask and clear up any uncertainty than to wonder if it’s acceptable and I’m just being overly cautious. 


@xmenxmasxchange gift for @bikenesmith who wanted some magnet family stuff!!! i drew a terrible holiday family photo and then ran it through a staples holiday card creator for kicks ha ha. I wish i could find an uglier template… people actually make nice cards nowadays can u believe. anyways, your original secret santa couldn’t make it 😦 BUT ITS COOL BCAUSE IM HERE AS A SUBSTITUTE SANTA I’m only sorry it had to be a little late.

THOUGH THANKS for posting that family tree as i was drawing this lmao that was like…super convenient reference


Title: Seasons of Joy
Characters: Lorna Dane + the fam
Summary: The Lehnsherr/Maximoff/Dane family celebrate the cycle of the year. There will be one chapter for each night of Chanukah! Chapter one is Rosh Hashanah.

Great start! I’ll leave kudos later when I can, can’t do it right now. I’m going to message you in a moment as well. Maybe this new message system will work out, maybe not. Let me know if you get the message.