Uncanny X-Men #1 Thoughts

I’m reading this issue because people have posted things online that show Polaris with a meaningful role. I may not read future issues. My status with Marvel until certain things happen is only reading stuff Lorna is in.

There’s too much stuttering and ellipses in the beginning. It’s distracting. I say this as someone who’s abused them way too much with my own writing in the past.

Fun banter between characters is good. Adds more of a sense of atmosphere, that there’s more to the characters than just whatever story is taking place.

The talk about Forearm is a promising suggestion that good stories don’t have to come from big epic fights, they can come from “less epic” fights and other areas.

With Senator Ashton Allen, it seems like there’s an understanding of how important dealing with politics is for the franchise even as the script riffs on it.

“We can give them normal lives.” “This guy. I may have to fly away if I can’t control my temper, Betsy.” And now I’m hearing ‘Farmer Refuted’ from Hamilton in my head.

Guy that attacks Bishop has me thinking of goons from Dark Knight Returns.

As Jean meets with Storm, I find myself thinking this is a scene where Polaris could have very easily shown up too. Since, y’know, Lorna was Jean’s closest female friend before Storm. And Marvel has yet to actually let Lorna interact with any version of Jean in any meaningful way for a long time now. Same issue as how Lorna didn’t spend any time with teen Jean and teen Iceman on Blue, and didn’t get any scenes with Iceman after he came out.

Armor and Anole banter seems to be noting that the writers (at least) realize Marvel has a bad habit of introducing characters and then completely abandoning them. Glad they’re aware and doing things with some characters to deal with that ongoing problem. Waiting for that to apply to Polaris, rather than Marvel doing nothing, or doing something but undermining it for myriad reasons.

I have a little more more to say, for the Polaris and X-23 scene that’s been shared by others. Before I do, though, I want to actually post the scene and the script pages tied to it. If there was more Lorna, I’d be selective on what I post. 

Okay, thoughts now.

I liked this scene Lorna was in. It’s fun, it demonstrates she has value, and it allows her to have great banter with X-23. Or, to put it another way, another female character. I’ve felt very strongly lately that Lorna’s best chance of being written well and respectfully is if she’s interacting with other female characters. I feel this scene was more proof to the point. Short as it was, her use mattered for her rather than for the benefit of another character, and the two women got equal respect.

Also, of course, I’m glad she’s wearing her iconic costume for this scene.

Adding SFX to the black panel was a good call. Lack of SFX would’ve implied silence, I think.

If it seems like I should be more excited than I am, it’s because I’m guarded. I’ve gotten used to a pattern from Marvel where moments like this are a precursor to Lorna getting thrown into limbo for two years, or used exclusively to promote Havok, or whatever else happens. I’ll start sounding excited when Lorna gets a solo, mini, oneshot or team book she leads and Marvel’s giving her a real chance for once while she has it.

And with that, we’ll see if I have a reason to read the next issue or if this ends up being all I read of it.

Who Is Marvel Planning To Kill In Uncanny X-Men Disassembled?

Magneto’s metal-manipulating daughter, Polaris, joined the cast of X-Men Blue when her father needed someone close to him he could trust. Polaris would step up in a big way when the Original Five X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and Angel) were lost in space. With the threat of the Mothervine cabal looming, Polaris recruited a new X-Men Blue team to combat the threat.

Of course, the evil entity Malice would return to try and claim Polaris once again, but she was able to fight the possession off. With X-Men Blue coming to a close this fall, it remains to be seen what role Polaris will play with the X-Men going forward. The green-haired mutant is shown on the “Disassembled” teaser, so we at least know she does make an appearance.

Something else to keep in mind is Magneto reverting back to his villainous ways, with his own X-Men Black: Magneto #1 one-shot continuing his evil descent. The conclusion of the one-shot could lead to Magneto being placed as a villain in Uncanny X-Men, with Polaris being forced to choose between helping the X-Men or her father.

Juuuuuust something to keep in mind. Spreading awareness.

Though I notice the article author avoids talking about a certain aspect of what happened on Blue. Which is good. I like that.

Who Is Marvel Planning To Kill In Uncanny X-Men Disassembled?

8 X-Men Kids Cooler Than Their Parents (And 7 Who Are Way Worse)

The only reason I’m making this a link post and not a text post is to give more visibility to the thing I’m writing about.

This post is not in support of the article. It’s calling attention to what’s wrong with it. Simply put, this article is bad. I originally wasn’t going to say anything at all, so it wouldn’t get any more clicks, but I resolved to say something for two reasons.

  1. It falsely represents Polaris.
  2. It proves the point I’ve made about not overemphasizing how Magneto’s her father to a fault.

I’ll be fair as I get started here: it’s kind of a given that a vast majority of people at the present time would have said Magneto was cooler than Polaris. A majority of people know who Magneto is, know his history, everything else, while they don’t know Lorna and Marvel hasn’t made any real attempts to make the most of her potential.

However, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is how this person wrote Lorna up.

In this writer’s incredibly brief summary, he deliberately ignores all the developments and complexity Lorna has gone through. He ignores how Lorna survived the Genoshan massacre. He ignores the trauma she lived with afterward. He ignores the major identity crisis she had when her powers were taken from her. He ignores the horror of her origin story plane crash when her powers manifested.

Instead, this writer relegates her exclusively to “she’s been possessed or mind-controlled a lot therefore she sucks.” He rushes right past her time as a leader and fighting alongside the X-Men to focus squarely on that terrible aspect of her history.

This writer failed to properly explain who Lorna is and what she’s been through. Maybe because the writer is woefully ignorant about Lorna’s history (though I doubt it). Maybe because they disregard her history in favor of seeing her as poorly as certain people out there always want to diminish her as supposedly being.

Regardless, the writer pulls this in an article where he hypes up Magneto and then proceeds to try to make Polaris look and sound bad compared to him. As such, this writer is proving for me that it’s dangerous to put too much emphasis on how Lorna is Magneto’s daughter.

Yes, as I’ve said many times, explore their relationship. Make use of it. Lots to work from. But if you emphasize it too much, then guys like this writer decide to act like Polaris is a worthless character with no value compared to her dad. Guys like this writer will insist that everything Lorna has to offer is bad if it’s not about making her exclusively a supporting character for Magneto’s stories, never her own.

A balance needs to be found. This article is a warning sign of what attitudes can take hold if that balance is not found.

Frankly, the best bet would be restoring Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as Magneto’s kids so Lorna can interact with them too. More family equals more consideration for the collective rather than just Magneto. But barring that, Lorna does have other things to her outside Magneto that need to be explored too.

8 X-Men Kids Cooler Than Their Parents (And 7 Who Are Way Worse)

Polaris probably won’t appear in Uncanny X-Men (for this arc at least)

Marvel solicitations for November 2016 have been released today. With it, I think it’s now safe to say there’s very, very strong evidence for something warned could happen and strongly suspected was the case for the past couple months: Polaris either isn’t going to appear on Uncanny X-Men in the current arc after all, or she’s going to have an incredibly small and/or poorly depicted role.

It was nearly half a year ago when Cullen Bunn said Lorna would appear in the third arc of Uncanny X-Men. Since then, he’s said nothing. The only time Bunn got presented with the question of Lorna’s future in a way he couldn’t ignore, in-person at San Diego Comic Con, his only answer was to confirm she would eventually appear again someday.

Let’s contrast this to everything else going on at Marvel.

In the same session at SDCC, Bunn had no problem with answering someone’s question about Havok by stating that not only would people see him very soon, but that he was being held back purposely for important story reasons.

Upcoming comic book events and issues have no qualms with highlighting the fact Rachel Grey will take part in Civil War II X-Men, and that both Warlock and Dani Moonstar will appear soon.

The only possible good reason I can fathom for why we wouldn’t have seen Polaris by now is if she’s going to have a role in upcoming events that’s so astoundingly huge and unexpected, it has a chance of shattering all expectations from Marvel and bringing in a golden era for Lorna’s use as a character.

As much as I’d love to believe that fantasy rendition of events, my personal experiences have taught me to know better. Pleasant surprises are rare, and disappointments are common. This is shaping up to be more of the same.

I could be wrong. I’m not saying my conclusions and logic are infallible. After all, I expected that Marvel would depower or kill Lorna during Secret Wars, and I was wrong about that. But everything I see points to this outcome, and unless I hear some good news that says otherwise, I’m trusting the evidence.

• Someone is weaponizing mutants and turning them loose on the enemies of mutantkind…

…which happens to coincide with the X-Men’s discovery that MAGNETO
has not been altogether forthcoming about the means he’s been employing
to protect the mutant race.
• Eager to know exactly what Magneto’s
been up to, the X-Men investigate…starting with the all-new,
all-different HELLFIRE CLUB!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 

I’m really hoping this new Hellfire Club includes Lorna. I think some people out there would have a kneejerk reaction against it, but Lorna’s character and history both make her an excellent fit for the club if she’s included.

The most obvious evidence to point out is the Austen run, but there were bits before and after where Lorna was completely acting in her own free will and showed a bit of her dark and devious side. When she was part of X-Factor in the 90s, she changed to her gold and red costume both to fight her body image issues and to savor a sexy taboo angle. While out in space, she used cunning to position Crystal as “The People’s Princess.”

Lorna also most definitely has a thing for the BDSM aspects of the Hellfire Club. There’s the costume I mentioned before, but also the Magnetrix codename she briefly had – likely a play on dominatrix. She also didn’t mind Wolverine seeing her naked when her costume got shredded up during the Austen run.