12 Female X-Men Who Deserve Their Own Movie

I’m mainly posting this for Polaris, but I tagged the other women on the list by their codenames. Here’s the blurb for Lorna though, cause I’m selfish like that.

In one of the most depressing backstories, an infant Lorna kills her
parents in a plane crash. While they were arguing about her mother’s
affair with her birth father, Magneto, she became upset and tried to
make them stop with a magnetic pulse. That pulse brought the plane down
and she miraculously survives with newly-green hair. Drawn to her major
display of power, Magneto determines that she is not ready for mutant
life and has an associate rewrite her memories. Her aunt and uncle raise
her as their own, making her believe they were her parents. And you
thought Batman had it rough as a kid.

She is detected by Cerebro
and Iceman is sent to bring her in. He reveals what really happened with
her parents and she turns against Magneto, who–in a plot twist that
would make M. Night Shyamalan envious–ends up being a robot double. She
joins the X-Men and develops a relationship with Iceman, all while
coming into her powers and fighting in a few missions. Did we mention
her dad is Magneto? That alone warrants a solo film.

12 Female X-Men Who Deserve Their Own Movie


Ladies of X 2


Dani Moonstar


Jean Grey


Scarlet Witch

Kitty Pryde

Rachel Summers






Emma Frost






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I saw this before, I think when it was first made, but I’m only just now realizing that the touches of Lorna with silver/grey metal as a secondary color go back at least this far in Anka’s work.

The more I see it, the more I love and prefer it moreso than the gold I originally wanted to see on her. It’s not as ornate and regal like the gold, and gold was her original color, but the silver/grey represents her powers better and comes across sharper, harder and tougher.