Have Polaris and Colossus ever had any meaningful interactions or been on the same team, or even had a conversation…? because I think they would have a lot in common, and might really work well as a couple, is this a pairing you’d like to see actually happen?


I don’t think they’ve every really shared that much panel time. She was being mind controlled or possessed for most of his tenure on the X-Men and then he was dead for a while. I’m not sure how’d they’d do as a couple, since I don’t think Polaris is all that into art and Piotr doesn’t seem all that interested in geophysics. Still, there are are a ton of couples that don’t seem to have anything in common and I’m sure the right writer could do a lot with the two of them as a pair.

That last panel confirms this is Colossus’ fetish.

Hey, who ever said a relationship between them had to be anything other than kink and raw brutal sex?

Phoenix Force by LEADPIPEBILL

I’ve always felt Polaris would’ve been a good third case like Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch as a major event focus, and I think some people at Marvel agree or at least did at one point too. An AU version of her was included as one of the Hysteries in Fantastic Force back in 2009.


X-Men dream team 1:

Cyclops (after the phoenix possession, Leader)

Jean Grey (Shadow X version, Telepath and Telekinetic)

Colossus (The teams muscle)

Polaris (From The Exiles, a little bit tougher than her 616-counterpart)

Blink (Earth-616, Teleporter)

Berzerker (The Morlock that has issues with Cyclops)

Petra (because i would love to see her back from the dead and joining X-Men again)

Phantazia (villain turning good)

Sabretooth (Because i am so sick and tired of Wolverine everywhere, so let Sabretooth replace him and be much better than that other fucker!)

Just a note, I disagree about the idea that the Exiles version of Polaris is tougher than her 616 version. Exiles version Polaris is a lot more saucy and on-your-face about everything, definitely has a lot more fun with everything she does than most depictions of 616 Lorna, but 616 Lorna is definitely tougher. 616 Lorna has endured torture at least twice, lived through a genocide (the aftermath of which drove her insane), been possessed and mind-controlled multiple times, yet she’s still managed to go out to fight the good fight and shown more variety and strength in power use than the Exiles version.

Both Exiles and 616 Polaris have their individual merits, I just disagree on what those merits are. I hope this doesn’t seem disrespectful for reblogging off your post to say all this. The dream team looks interesting. 🙂 Lorna and Jean absolutely need to spend more time together like they used to back when 616 Lorna was created in 1968.