“Now you can find true happiness.”

Lorna and Bobby for @salarta

This is great! This is a lot sweeter and more touching than the idea I suggested, and I like that. 🙂 As for the patience part in your tags, no patience needed! This is one of those things where it takes however long it’s going to take. 😉 Plus it was a request/suggestion anyway, no pressure intended.
Now if you saw my tanks parked on your lawn… 😛

All playfulness aside, thanks for drawing this, love it.

Uncanny X-Men #600


After reading Uncanny X-Men #600 I’m now on board with Iceman being gay. I still would’ve preferred if they made him bisexual because now it seems like all his romantic relationships with women were a lie or in vain (I really liked him with Polaris). But I understand why he would seek out relationships with women if he wasn’t out yet.

I haven’t read Uncanny X-Men, but I really, really wish Marvel would let Lorna spend some time with young Iceman. As the first woman Iceman had a relationship with, and someone that knew Bobby from just short after the time young Iceman comes from, Lorna is in a very unique position for showing support for Iceman’s coming out that none of the other women Iceman’s been with have.

Bobby not “going straight” in Lorna’s presence can demonstrate his sexuality isn’t “just some teenage fad that’ll go away when the right girl comes along”. More importantly, Lorna being supportive of young Bobby, maybe helping him hook up with guys, etc can be a very positive suggestion that Iceman’s coming out isn’t an insult to the women his older self dated.

Technically, other women could be used, but they don’t have anywhere near the potential Lorna does to make the most of this approach. Young Jean Grey may be a close friend his own age, but she’s not the woman teen Bobby would have eventually met and had a love triangle with. Mystique and Shadowcat may have been close to Bobby, but they can’t draw upon any of the things Bobby experienced early on with the team, or what teen Bobby would have experienced in the near future if he’d stayed in his correct timeline.


Life’s More Fun When You Add Blue

So yeah, I finally did an Iceman piece after having not drawn him since high school. Like REALLY draw him. Had so much fun with this piece.

Hope yall digs it.


Hard for me to tell if that’s Lorna or Jean on the right, but given Lorna’s the one he’s had romantic intrigue with, I’ll assume it’s her. Nice. 🙂