Blackcat x Polaris x Deadpool (Unlikely trio)

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…I’d read that team-up.

– House of M #4

As would we all. 🙂

I don’t see what’s the new thing about this. A thief? We already have a thief and that’s Storm. Why another story about thief? I’m glad Lorna said “Heh. Absolutely not” She’s not Storm. Glad this is not 616.

By contrast, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done.

There’s nothing that says being a thief has to be exclusive to one or a very small group of characters. Felicia’s a thief, Storm’s a thief, but so is Gambit.

To me, this is a lot like the argument that Lorna and Magneto both wielding magnetic powers is redundant and you can’t have both around or on the same book at the same time. Nobody seems to have a problem with it when super strength, psychic abilities, claws, etc come into the mix. It’s also a lot like some arguments people made that Lorna couldn’t be Magneto’s daughter because it would somehow take away from Wanda’s role as Magneto’s daughter.

If Lorna were to become a thief, it wouldn’t detract from Storm at all. She’s far too popular and mainstream for those things that define her to be lost to another character so easily. If anything, I’d say Lorna as a thief only makes things MORE interesting and presents MORE opportunity. For one, Lorna’s hardly had any experience as a thief, so Lorna could learn from Storm while Storm learns something from Lorna. For another, their approaches to thievery could be very different, especially where mutant powers are concerned. It presents an opportunity to emphasize how they differ.

Now, WOULD Lorna become a thief? That’s an entirely different question. I don’t know the answer to that, as I need to think about it more. But if it’s a question of “I called dibs,” I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. It’s unnecessarily limiting, and squanders a wealth of potential.

Reblogging myself. I wanted the initial posting of these pages to be devoid of commentary, so other people would feel comfortable sharing the actual preview if they don’t like or agree with my commentary.

I find it weird the preview came out so late at night. I’d question the reason for that, but unlike the past two times where Lorna was prominent in something big for her, Secret Wars House of M actually received a decent amount of support from of Marvel.

I have no idea who the snake and other guy are on the variant cover. Though I take it this is a sign of just how successful House of M has been? As I’ve been told, variant covers are only offered for books that prove themselves so highly desired that it’s fair to guess a variant cover is worth offering.

Naturally, I love what’s going on for Polaris here, and I very much like how Black Cat suggests Lorna being more dextrous with her use of her magnetic manipulation than HoM Magneto. It’s been a long complaint for other Lorna fans and myself that Lorna’s power set is usually perceived as “redundant” just because Magneto also has it, while a slew of telekinetics/telepathics and claw wielders can run around without that same complaint. It means a lot that differences in how Polaris and Magneto might apply their powers based on their personalities is being weighed here.

Magneto also comes off better personality-wise here than in prior issues. I mentioned before that Magneto came across to me as stupid, but in these pages, he’s being willful and prideful rather than stupid. There are shades to it that can be admired.

I won’t be able to say anything on Wanda and Pietro until the issue comes out next week. Thoughts given for SW HoM #3 currently still stand: Wanda and Pietro aren’t really like their 616 counterparts, and I completely understand Wanda and Pietro fans being upset about that, but personally, I’m okay with it due to context. Context: that these are AU representations, and that since this is some character’s recreation of HoM based on his perception of what HoM was, discrepancies can be chalked up to how that character perceives these ones.

I’m looking forward to SW HoM #4. Bunn and Hopeless make a good team, and I hope there’s something more involved to Pietro’s actions than “he’s power-hungry and betrayed his father”.