A Halloween List

This is a very different kind of post from what I usually make. This one is personal, trying to put together a list of media to enjoy for Halloween around the day.

I’m mostly focusing on TV/film and video games. Other stuff not necessarily off limits but less likely.

I’m a bit limited on my video game options. I do not have XBox or Nintendo consoles, only my Playstation 4 hooked up. I MIGHT try to get my PS1 and PS2 games working on my PC but depends on how willing I am to set that up.

Following my principles to date, I refuse to touch anything connected with: Disney, Square-Enix, Capcom. I also loathe “torture porn” or extreme gross-out content. I generally hate jumpscare content but can put up with it if the story is good enough.

I welcome any suggestions!

There’s no guarantee I will get to or finish all of this. Alternately, I might watch something new before Halloween out of interest.

Anyway, here’s my list in no special order, divided up by format. Things that will be brand new for me to watch or play will be marked as new, otherwise it’s something I’ve done before. It will be updated as I think of new things or get new suggestions I want to try.


  • Scream 1-3
  • Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Evil Dead remake
  • Carrie remake
  • Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U
  • Midsommar
  • The Craft (and the new one if it’s a reasonable rental price on release)
  • Pontypool
  • Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
  • Hell Fest
  • Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U (maybe)
  • Rob Zombie’s Halloween II
  • Trick r Treat
  • Tales of Halloween
  • Eden Lake (maybe)
  • Veronica (maybe) (NEW)
  • Polaroid (NEW)
  • Mercy (NEW)
  • Wishmaster
  • Midsommar
  • Puppet Master (NEW)
  • Leprechaun (NEW)
  • The Mortuary Collection (NEW)
  • Scare Me (NEW)
  • In Search of Darkness: A Journey Into Iconic 80s Horror (NEW)
  • 30 Miles From Nowhere (NEW)
  • Random Acts of Violence (NEW)
  • Blood Quantum (NEW)
  • The Slumber Party Massacre (NEW)
  • Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (NEW)
  • It Follows
  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen (NEW)


  • Requiem From the Darkness
  • Masters of Horror (specific episodes: “Pick Me Up” and “Deer Woman”)
  • Scream Queens (maybe)
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (maybe) (NEW)
  • Castlevania (maybe) (NEW)
  • Dracula Netflix series (maybe) (NEW)
  • True Blue (maybe) (NEW)

Video Games

  • Friday the 13th
  • Among Us
  • Sanitarium (NEW)
  • Silent Hill 1-4 (if I try to get playing PS1 and PS2 discs working)
  • Here They Lie (NEW)
  • Siren (NEW, I think)

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