Hi Tom. I really enjoy the Secret Wars: House of…

I could reblog, but I don’t want this to show up under Brevoort’s activity feed (assuming he won’t get a notification in his feed for it being used as a link). This post isn’t about Brevoort or his views, only about the info gained from his post, and I don’t think this is the sort of thing he’d want to read. Especially given my only reblog of him thus far.

I’m happy both about the anonymous fan’s views of SW HoM and Polaris’ role in it, and Brevoort’s response. Brevoort was very cordial, and I like that attitude more than what I recall seeing a few years back.

That said: through Brevoort’s response, we learn that there are no plans to continue SW HoM.

I expected this to be the case. I haven’t said this publicly until now, but I think SW HoM only happened as an attempt to appease fans that love the Magnus family and are rightfully angry about the forced retcon on Wanda and Pietro’s parentage. Fans have been angry with Marvel since it happened, and that outrage is a barrier to Marvel doing things that reinforce the forced retcon.

It’s a pretty simple strategy. Throw a bone to fans, get them to quiet down, and Marvel can have an easier time destroying the Magnus family. Any time a company or creator wants to force a franchise or character in a different direction, but knows doing so can raise or has raised a lot of anger, they pay lip service every so often until they emaciate the fandom to a point where the fandom can be ignored. This is no different.

I also suspect this is why Polaris had a lot of activity during Secret Wars: to satisfy Polaris fans before tossing her into limbo.

It was excellent and amazing to see Lorna with so many cameos, and to finally play a meaningful role in the Marvel-wide event. It was long overdue, and the sort of thing I’d been hoping to see restored for her ever since I discovered she existed.

But there’s nothing teased or announced for her at all post-Secret Wars.

Magneto is leading Uncanny X-Men. Quicksilver’s in the Avengers. Scarlet Witch has her own solo.

Polaris is nowhere. The closest we have to anything that could potentially be Lorna is a head shot in the background of an A-Force cover. I say potentially because the only distinguishing feature of the head is green hair; there’s no headdress.

Now, I could always be wrong. Maybe right this second, Marvel has some writer-artist team putting together some amazing issue or secret comic book where Polaris has a huge presence. But they haven’t announced or teased anything yet. So until they do, I’m going with the Occam’s razor explanation: they haven’t announced or teased anything for Lorna because they aren’t going to do anything with her.

Hi Tom. I really enjoy the Secret Wars: House of…

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