@rubberbandgirlme said: i’m sure the only reason they’re
continuing it is because robinson asked for it. otherwise they’d cancel
it long time ago as they do with other books.

This was a response to my post about Scarlet Witch #12 sales vs All-New X-Factor #12 sales, and pointing out @marvelentertainment’s hypocritical behavior through that comparison.

It’s possible Marvel did it because Robinson asked for it… but if true, that means they’re either really, really biased in favor of Robinson, against Peter David, or both.

Here’s a couple blog posts by Peter David from back when ANXF was canceled.



Not formatted very well, no idea why. You can read the text by highlighting. There’s a different blog I swear Peter David wrote about how he thought Gambit fans didn’t support ANXF enough, but I can’t find it.

Basically, Peter David really wanted All-New X-Factor to keep going. He had big plans to tie it into Spider-Man 2099. ANXF’s cancellation came well before he ever got to make good on his plans – and we know Peter David was thinking it’d last a lot longer given he’s had some of the longest runs in the industry lately. Eight years for the previous iteration of X-Factor.

The second blog post also makes a damn good case for me. Peter David noted that the Gambit solo got canceled due to low sales (what those numbers were, I don’t know), then says ANXF getting canceled means Gambit likely won’t show up anywhere anytime soon. Yet, a year later he gets a limited comic book run in Deadpool v Gambit, while Polaris was used for a bit of Secret Wars and then completely dropped.

So, the score is essentially this.

Gambit gets a solo book and then a major role in All-New X-Factor, both sell poorly, he still gets to be a headliner in a limited series a year later. Scarlet Witch gets a solo book that’s selling poorly, the book never gets canceled. But Polaris? One book with her as the leader sells poorly (but still better than the SW solo), Marvel decides she doesn’t deserve to have her book keep going, or to be a headliner in a limited series. Instead, to Marvel, she should make a quick big appearance in an event a year later (Secret Wars) and then disappear entirely for a whole year.

It’s been 7 years since I discovered Polaris, and witnessed Marvel treat her like she doesn’t deserve respect and like it’s some big arduous task to give her the most basic of basic support. I’ve gotten pretty tired of Marvel acting this way, and I take it as a sign that the higher-ups see their diversity initiatives as nothing more than a marketing ploy, not a genuine attempt to offer something of value that people want. If they genuinely cared, they would make up for decades of Polaris being mishandled and treated poorly by restoring everything that was taken away from her with interest. She was the first strong feminist representation in the X-Men before Claremont came along and tore her down, after all.

Friendly reminder that Marvel is extremely hypocritical and biased in regards to cancellation threshold and what characters they support.

Scarlet Witch solo is still running despite issue #12 selling only 13,207 copies. Meanwhile, Marvel had already canceled All-New X-Factor by ANXF #12 “due to low sales” at 21,352.

Marvel logic: when a book with a character given more of a platform and advertising sells much worse than a book with a character given no platform or advertising, cancel the second one.