Hey, hey, Final Fantasy Four fandom. 

Stop shaming Rosa for not returning Kain’s feelings. That’s not her fault. 

In fact while we’re at it lets not shame Cecil for being the object of Rosa’s affections, either. It wasn’t his fault. 

And because I have to as a Kain rper, shame Kain for his actions, not for his feelings. It isn’t his fault he loved Rosa, what was his fault was what he did about it.

Most of the badmouthing/shaming I’ve seen toward Rosa from people has been because they see her as an obstacle to pairings they wish were in canon and aren’t, mixed with a lack of understanding and respect for what Rosa offers. I saw the bulk of it out of certain Rydia fans and Cecil x Rydia shippers, and a little bit of it from Cecil x Kain shippers.

The usual approach I see attempted is to take every single thing Rosa does in the game and twist it to make her sound like the worst character ever, while attributing her good moments to other characters. When Rosa helps Rydia get over her fear of fire, it’s made out as if Rydia did it all by herself, and sometimes Rosa as framed as a bully rather than the supportive guide she was. When her abduction by Golbez comes up, it’s framed as if Rosa was dumb and weak, when in reality the Red Wings had already decimated all of Fabul and Rosa offered herself so Golbez wouldn’t kill everyone. While people acknowledge things like how Leviathan destroying the ship to get child Rydia wasn’t Rydia’s fault and didn’t make her a bad character, they choose to act like the same scenarios for Rosa make Rosa a bad character.

Also, I’m not entirely sure Kain can be shamed even for his actions. The game goes to great lengths to say that everything he does is as a result of manipulation via magic, which is a lot different from someone in full control of himself choosing to act that way. Shaming him for not being resistant enough to magic to avoid manipulation is a bit like shaming someone for not being able to lift a boulder; just cause some people have training or innate qualities to be able to do it doesn’t mean everyone can.