Where’s Rey?

This continues a trend of how biases in corporate interests really piss me off for how blind and narrow-minded they always are.

When I grew up, the pink and yellow power rangers being women didn’t stop me from wanting or playing with those toys. I even had the April O’Neil action figure, despite her not being one of the titular turtles or a well-known fighting ally.

Yet, here we are. Some guys who have a lot of bias and probably some axes to grind are so asinine, they’ll go out of their way to have a female character excluded even in sets where the character is just one of a set.

And make no mistake: even if the completely asinine “logic” that boys don’t won’t play with toys of girls were somehow miraculously true, all that means is boys would ignore girl pieces in sets. Boys are NOT going to look at a set that happens to include one woman in a sea of guys and think “Eww, it has one girl in it. OMG OMG OMG OMG I’VE GOT PLASTIC COOTIES NOW.”

Unless the boy’s father is a raging sexist/misogynist force-feeding his views on his boy 24/7, no boy is going to say they don’t want a set of toys just because one lone figure in the set fictionally has a vagina.

Which leads me to the conclusion: there is actually NO business reason behind women being excluded from toys in recent years. NONE. No matter what the suits claiming this try to say to weasel his way out of it, the real reason they’re against women in toys is sexism. Even if they sincerely believe their excuses, which I highly doubt, they are still excuses. They are still complete and utter bullshit.

With this in mind, I am really, really fucking happy that the attempt to focus on Kylo Ren turned out to be such a shitshow. It is my view that companies that do shitty things for shitty spiteful reasons do not deserve to make money. Now, they’re getting the comeuppance they deserve by way of lost potential revenue, negative PR, and people doing things for themselves when companies won’t give them any chance whatsoever to buy what they really want.

Where’s Rey?