and finally, the cover to All-New X-factor 14. by myself and jaredkfletcher

I already reblogged when this was uncovered by someone on Wednesday, but I’m going to reblog again with this official release. Lorna’s looking excellent here! I also really like those clothes for her, really cool design.



RELEASE DATE: September 17th

• Quicksilver is reunited with his daughter, Luna…

• …But THE INHUMANS are not too happy about it!

• PLUS: could Warlock make a move on Danger?

I am ABSOLUTELY looking forward to this issue! It’s rare for me to say I can’t wait for something to come out, but that’s the case here.


Polaris & the Scarlet Witch by Mike Mayhew || (Axis #1 Midtown Comics Exclusive Variant Edition)

As much as I wish this was Polaris/Lorna Dane, sadly it’s Enchantress. Nothing against Enchantress and anyone that likes her, I’m sure she’s a great character in her own right, but this really should be Lorna here.

The fact Lorna’s not in Axis itself alone is already an issue. She was a key figure in Genosha’s history, and her surviving the genocide on there means she SHOULD be playing a major role in Axis. That Lorna’s being kept segregated solely to All-New X-Factor when she should be heavily involved in what’s going on at Genosha is just deplorable. This cover is an extension of that problem.

Using Enchantress during Axis: good. Using Polaris during Axis: would be good too. Treating Enchantress like Polaris and refusing to use Polaris: bad.