Sometimes, I feel terrible for complaining about Marvel, and especially calling out Brevoort and Remender for things they’ve said and done. Story-wise, Polaris has had a lot of good things done for her, from coming back to Earth and confirming her as a mutant and Magneto’s daughter, to having her origin story told after 40 years and getting to lead her own team on All-New X-Factor.

But then I remember why I’m complaining and push onward. 

I remember Lorna as a nameless cameo in Avengers vs X-Men, one that Magneto ignores getting mind-controlled into submission by Emma Frost despite Magneto having just gone out into space specifically to rescue Lorna in X-Men Legacy’s Five Miles South of the Universe.

I remember that Lorna having her origin story told after such a long time got next to no promotion; the only thing Marvel did to promote it was a short piece on that quickly disappeared.

I remember that All-New X-Factor got no promotion out of Marvel aside from when it was announced, and they went so far as to withhold the cover for All-New X-Factor #14, the issue where Lorna and Wanda spent time together as sisters, until a week before the issue’s release when it was too late for casual fans to preorder a copy of the issue.

I remember Marvel quickly followed this up by putting out an Axis variant cover pairing Enchantress and Scarlet Witch that was very clearly designed to make Enchantress look like Lorna. They even went so far as to color Wanda’s hair red and Enchantress’ green.

I’m extremely grateful for the good stuff Marvel’s done for Lorna, but I can’t keep quiet when books get canceled or sell poorly, or Lorna’s excluded from events she should be taking part in, just because people at Marvel don’t like or respect her enough to promote anything involving her, or because they’re in the middle of some pissing match with Fox over film rights.

If this sounds paranoid, well, there’s an easy way to disprove what I’m saying. All they need to do is use her in events where she has reason to be involved (e.g. Axis since it was on Genosha and heavily involved her family) and actually promote books she’s on every once in a while (e.g. All-New X-Factor). That’s really all it takes. Stuff like the Axis variant cover last year while ANXF #14 got absolutely no promotion only proves me right and makes me more likely to complain.

This’ll probably be the last time I rant about this for… at least a week, unless something new happens that’s bad.


We’ll wrap with solietaire, who’s looking
several months into the future to ask, “Can you give us any hints about
what’s to come for the X-Franchise beyond the summer?”

Alonso: The X-Men
office is taking the opportunity of “Secret Wars” to build an entire
new world for the characters – to create a shared universe within the
X-books that’s set off by a huge event/incident/surprise. At that point,
they’re going to introduce a new team that feels unlike anything you’ve
seen before. It’ll be… “extraordinary.”

I knew it. Shortly after the rumor mill started about Magneto possibly getting killed off after Secret Wars, I started to really put the pieces together on what they’re doing to the comics.

Disney and Marvel’s purpose in the idiotic forced retcon of Wanda and Pietro into not being Magneto’s kids anymore has multiple facets to it.

One is the incredibly obvious, that they want to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot by not letting their own X-Men comics gain readers as a result of Age of Ultron.

Two is to ensure that if they kill off Magneto, Wanda and Pietro don’t even have to so much as pay lip service to the fact Magneto ever mattered to them. That’s not saying they won’t pay lip service, but if Magneto was still their father, Marvel would have to spend a lot of time on how Magneto’s death affects the twins. Now that Marvel’s trying to force the idea they’re not his kids anymore, they can ignore his death.

Three was more or less confirmed here: they’re now in the phase of isolating the X-Men franchise to keep it away from the IPs they can make movies out of. As Magneto’s children and characters introduced in the X-Men franchise, Wanda and Pietro were a crucial bridge between the Avengers and X-Men IPs. Retconning them out of being Magneto’s kids means they no longer serve as a link between the franchises. They can segregate and more easily diminish the X-Men franchise.

I’d love to be optimistic and think the post-Secret Wars plans where the X-Men are in an entire new world are well-intentioned. It’d be great if the purpose was to turn things around, treat the franchise with more respect, not make the X-Men beholden to the Avengers IP. Disney and Marvel constantly use crossover events and Uncanny Avengers to hurt the X-Men franchise and put the Avengers franchise on a pedestal. Spinning them off into a separate universe would avoid that.

But if I’m being realistic, I’ve had a front row seat to how Disney and Marvel treat the X-Men franchise for the past half a decade. Companies that behave the way Disney and Marvel have been behaving don’t suddenly realize they should treat their IPs better just because people asked or demanded them to. They only learn when it starts to really hurt their business.



RELEASE DATE: September 17th

• Quicksilver is reunited with his daughter, Luna…

• …But THE INHUMANS are not too happy about it!

• PLUS: could Warlock make a move on Danger?

I am ABSOLUTELY looking forward to this issue! It’s rare for me to say I can’t wait for something to come out, but that’s the case here.