Maybe I’ll feel differently tomorrow. Tonight, this feels very firm and like a very good idea.

I think I’m not going to read X-Men Blue anymore, and my post of thoughts for issue #11 is the last time you’ll see such a post about the book from me.

Tonight, I saw the preview pages for #12. I saw how it takes deep, considerate effort to describe who Blood Storm is and what she’s gone through, the sort of effort you only see from genuine interest in her. I thought about how Havok got similar loving care, building him up in #8 and #9 while Bunn was eager to hype his return on Twitter.

And I came away from it thinking: why can’t Polaris get any of this out of X-Men Blue and Bunn?

I don’t think I can do this anymore. I don’t think I can keep reading issue after issue waiting for something that’s never going to happen, that should have happened in issue #9 where the cover made her the entire focus.

Where is Lorna’s chance to have surviving Genosha brought up? Where is Lorna’s having to deal with an identity crisis over having lost her powers? Why wasn’t Bunn so excited to have her coming back that he would’ve found it hard to not post playful teases on social media?

If I knew Lorna was never going to get any of this, that she was always meant to be just a minor background character on X-Men Blue, I would’ve expected nothing. I feel cheated. I feel like I’m wasting my time. I went into it feeling like she was supposed to be somebody on the book, and I’m walking away with her only existing to be a foil for everyone that isn’t her.

I’m done with X-Men Blue. I can’t keep reading this book when it’s never going to give me anything close to what I want and thought I’d see. Other users will post the occasional one or two panels of her that have any value.

I guess to count my blessings, I’ll get to see Lorna in Gifted on October 2nd. It won’t be much longer of a wait before I’ll get to see the Lorna I had hoped Marvel would offer but never did.

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