talk about wandas relationship with lorna!!


ask me anything about wanda! (always accepting)

WARPED. i would love to, kind friend! 

so in canon, wanda and lorna’s relationship is dreadfully underdeveloped. pietro and lorna actually have a relationship that is Developed with Real Characteristics. wanda and lorna on the other hand are like ….. ????? really up in the air. they were in uncanny xmen together for a couple of issues. lorna made appearances in the OG HoM, but then you didn’t actually see wanda interact with anyone there unless she was killing or resurrecting them. do you taste my salt? 

anyways, wanda was in an issue of all new x-factor that i really enjoyed and it is, to date, probably the best shown canon of wanda and lorna’s sisterly relationship. it started out awkward, wanda showed up looking FINE AF, they went to like ??? a renaissance fair, lorna got wanda drunk. i’ve read here and there that some people didn’t like wanda’s characterization, which i do understand. it was a bit questionable because i mean, wanda has lived in the US for a decade and at some points it felt like lorna was almost coddling her for being foreign? like the writing literally made wanda seem like she didn’t even know what beer was lmao she is from the eastern bloc and is a grown woman. she knows what beer is. ANYWAYS i personally thought the issue was really sweet. they wore matching outfits except wanda’s was purple and lorna’s was green. it was cute! and i’m not so critical that i can’t enjoy that despite weird writing. at the end of it all, wanda and lorna had settled into their own little groove and it was a pretty satisfying conclusion.

they were together in the 2015 HoM AU comic as well! i mean they didn’t interact a ton, but there was a panel of them and pietro at breakfast before wanda leaves and makes a magic surfboard out of the wall in a fit of rage at tommy and billy for causing trouble. anyways, they seemed like they got along well enough! i’m always thirsty for seeing the whole family hangin’ which is basically what that gave me.

as you can see, their canon relationship is barren. i like to think that after the interaction in all new x-factor, wanda and lorna continued to build their relationship. i think lorna finds wanda a bit weird but then, everyone thinks wanda is weird. she’s more similar to pietro but WAY KINDER than pietro. i think lorna would have an awesome relationship with billy and tommy as the Cool Aunt that buys them alcohol or hides them at her place when mom is angry. i think they keep in touch, maybe get lunch when they have the time or text or even facetime whenever they can. wanda has been soooooo defined by her relationships with men that i really squeeze all i can out of her female relationships. i desire so much for wanda to have a healthy, trusting bond with her sister. they both deserve that, so that’s what i (myself) am giving them. they can talk shit about each other’s respective teammates and it be cool. they can go to the gym together. they can do whatever they want together and it doesn’t have to revolve around some tragedy like HoM or their father. i guess thats why the HoM AU was fun to read bc like, it wasn’t sad. it was cool. i love the royals i gotta say. (wanda’s characterization in that is another rant i won’t get into). 

Nice response, and it’s nice to see someone that writes a lot like I do for a change!

Although there are other possible stories I would’ve preferred to see with Lorna and Wanda, I did enjoy All-New X-Factor #14. It annoyed the hell out of me that Marvel basically went out of its way to try and keep people from knowing it was happening.

I’m like 99% sure you already know this, but AU versions of Lorna and Wanda got a lot more interaction in Jeff Parker’s Exiles run (6 issues, 2009) and a little bit in Fantastic Force and the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon. IMO, the Exiles run is the best depiction of their relationship so far.

If we’re talking “official, Marvel enforced canon,” Lorna and Wanda supposedly aren’t sisters anymore because Wanda and Pietro supposedly aren’t Magneto’s kids. But, that forced retcon was blatantly Marvel trying to sever Wanda and Pietro’s ties to mutants and the X-Men franchise, so as far as I’m concerned, Marvel stopped writing Wanda and Pietro just before Axis (Axis being the event with the forced retcon).

I say that because it’s also the reason Marvel refused to do anything with their canon relationship. Marvel didn’t want to build it because they wanted to separate Wanda from Magneto and the X-Men franchise.

Lastly, for the 2015 Secret Wars HoM AU, I loved the entire mini… as a Polaris fan. I felt she was depicted great, and was basically Lorna with all the awesomeness and badassery I expect from her in the 616 (sans trauma, mental issues, etc I expect from 616 Lorna). But, I felt the rest of the family’s depictions were off in places. Pietro got the worst of it. He got turned into a cowardly heel for no good reason when he could’ve easily been playing Namor to maneuver him into a position where he’d be easily defeated by Magneto.

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