I normally don’t post about GamerGate on here. I leave that almost exclusively to my Twitter account, which is also why I’m not as active on Tumblr as I once was: I put more focus on dealing with GamerGate. However, some things have happened that require me to post here.

I strongly urge not going to or supporting SXSW. Or at least, not SXSW Interactive.



I don’t expect everyone reading this to know or understand GamerGate or what’s going on, so here’s the gist of things.

GamerGate started as an abuse campaign against Zoe Quinn under the excuse of “ethics in games journalism”. They conjured up false claims about sex for favorable game reviews, and over time, they’ve attacked anyone else who either won’t let them bully others or who they see as “deserving” in some way. Their targets are always feminists, usually women, and usually ones with a promising career either currently or ahead of them. They make false claims about their targets to “justify” their attacks, claiming pedophilia, bestiality, etc in hopes of ruining reputations and lives.

The second link above explains how a panel SXSW accepted is tied to GamerGate.

The first one is far more important, and the reason I’m making this post: SXSW canceled Randi Harper’s panel. Here’s what the panel was going to be about.


The panel was going to be about overcoming harassment in games. SXSW canceled it due to threats of violence, after having accepted the GamerGate one.

They’re permitting a group that has doxxed, SWATed, hacked and harassed many people to have a presence at SXSW, while kicking out a panel headed by people that group has attacked, a panel focused on dealing with those attacks. They’re essentially saying that all it takes is a false veneer of good intent (”ethics in games journalism”) and threats of harm for SXSW to reward abusers and punish abuse victims.

I’m not demanding anyone reading this to take an action they don’t feel comfortable with doing. I absolutely encourage doing searches, looking around, discovering things for yourselves to decide if you’re making the right decision. But I needed to make this post in light of everything currently happening.

If there are any important updates, I’ll reblog to add them.