Polaris soundtrack – other characters selection

I’ve posted and re-posted a Polaris soundtrack I put together previously. This time, I feel like pulling out the portions of it that involve other characters.

Decision, Xavier or Magneto: I Radio Heaven by Over The Rhine (lyrics)

Attraction (Iceman): Magnetized by Garbage (lyrics)

  • This one’s heavily inspired by Iceman’s sexual orientation and light shed on it in recent years, and how Lorna relates to it.

Freezing Feelings (Iceman): Blue Caravan by Vienna Teng (lyrics)

  • The lyrics at the end are the key reason behind this pick.

Self-Exile (Havok): Now I Can Die by Nina Gordon (lyrics)

  • Setting: Polaris living the “civilian” life with Havok after leaving the X-Men. My POV for this pick is… not a nice one.

Left at the Altar (Havok): The Reckoning by Halestorm (lyrics)

  • Lorna
    was in an emotionally vulnerable state. The wedding was a bright spot
    after so much bad… then Havok took it away from her at the worst
    possible moment. This being Lorna’s response to being screwed with after
    all she’s been through.

Altar Aftermath (Havok): So We Can Stay Alive by Garbage (lyrics)

Warrior (Quicksilver): Warrior by Charlotte Martin (lyrics)

  • Pietro’s view of Lorna, inspired entirely by All-New X-Factor #13.

Lost Brother (Quicksilver): Unbroken by Missy Higgins (lyrics)

  • Technically more of a Quicksilver song, from Lorna’s POV.

Magnus Sisters (Scarlet Witch): Daughters of Darkness by Halestorm (lyrics

Polaris vs X-Men, Magneto and Xavier: Joan of Arc by In This Moment (lyrics)

  • Took
    this from another fan here on Tumblr (name I forget) who suggested this
    for Gifted version Lorna. In this case, I think it would be an
    excellent song for Lorna in a theoretical event where she’s like Jean
    during Phoenix Saga or Scarlet Witch during House of M. Magneto, Xavier,
    the X-Men in general have a history of taking her for granted and not
    caring about what happens to her for various reasons (especially in the
    Claremont era). Here’s Lorna questioning their “morality” and how easy
    they seem to find disregarding her feelings and experiences while
    exploiting her for their own interests.