Polaris Headcanons

I have a lot of different Polaris headcanons. Some of which I find more valid than things Marvel does, on account of how Marvel never thinks or cares about Lorna as her own character. I’ve decided to make this post to collect all the different headcanons I have!

Note: I have enough that it’s entirely possible I may forget some, and have to come back to this to add what I’ve forgotten.

I’ll enter each headcanon, and if I want to say a little more on it then I’ll add text after.

Lorna can change the color of her hair

Lorna’s powers of electromagnetism mean she has access to the whole electromagnetic spectrum – including colors. By this token, perhaps her hair defaults to green because it fits her mood, or because it’s the middle balance of rainbow colors (ROY G BIV).

Lorna is a knight/warrior type

Which does not detract from the princess aspect either (hi Xena). But when I convert characters to medieval settings, Wanda’s a witch. Lorna’s a knight. We’ve seen her don armor before as Pestilence.

In legend, I also think she would slot in well with Arthurian tales as the Green Knight.

Lorna has a Phoenix-equivalent concept of some sort out there

Another user on Twitter recently suggested from art that Lorna could be The Dragon. I like this concept. It pairs well with the Phoenix concept as a mythological creature, dragons are often seen as green and liking to collect treasure (e.g. Lorna’s original gold secondary color), and often perceived as evil (again, going back to the original conception of Magneto as evil).

Lorna creates her own costume with her powers

In my head, Lorna’s costume isn’t cloth. It’s very thin metal, constructed by her using materials that are around her. When she needs to enter combat, she doesn’t dress or undress, she gathers molecules and constructs it however she wants.

Lorna creates art with her powers

This is something I don’t see Magneto doing, but definitely see Lorna doing. Exploring her artistic side as a fun, constructive use of her powers.

Lorna can’t die

Lorna’s existed since 1968. In that whole time, aside from alternate universes, she’s never died.

Realistically, I think this is because Marvel cared so little about her that they didn’t think her dying would serve a purpose. But it pays off because with all the shit she’s been through, to NOT die to me implies there’s something about her that simply can’t be killed. Like her survivor’s spirit and electromagnetic powers work together.

In my mind, at most her body could be destroyed but she would still exist as an electromagnetic entity who rebuilds her body with her powers. Perhaps that’s even what happened on Genosha for real. It would really feed into survivor’s guilt for her, by the way.

Lorna is bi/lesbian

This is one part “I really like this for her,” and one part “she keeps getting treated poorly around men, so maybe women would be better.”

Within this idea, my top pick of a partner for Lorna is Jean. I think it would open excellent doors for the two characters to revisit their history way back to around when Lorna arrived on the scene (before Giant-Size X-Men and all that followed). Second pick for partner may be Emma Frost due to Genosha connections, but I’m really big for the Jean.

Lorna has low-level semi-psychic powers

The “low level” part of this is honestly more to be fair to full-fledged psychics than anything else. Since it wouldn’t be fair if Lorna could be as powerful as a main psychic AND have the rest of her powers.

Over time, research has found electromagnetic waves are able to do a lot of things involving the human brain. Some research can pick up thoughts and dreams. Some research can suggest an action for someone to take. From this, I have a headcanon that Lorna can use telepathy and add/erase/alter memories.

Lorna can access the internet at any time with her mind

The internet via WiFi is essentially electromagnetic. By this token, Lorna should be able to access the internet with her brain. No need for a computer, no need for a monitor. She’s already both. What’s more, because it goes straight to her brain, she should be able to read and process faster than someone simply reading from a screen.

This would make her one of the “smartest” people alive. By that I mean, say she encounters someone who’s been poisoned. She can look how to cure that poison immediately. Heck, she could have a live chat with a real doctor. Perhaps even sharing images/video from her brain to see what’s happening in real-time.

The weakness to this, of course, would be any time Lorna enters an area where those waves can’t reach her. If the signal’s cut off, then she can’t make use of it.

Lorna can create audio/video in her mind

If she has access to the electromagnetic spectrum, why not manipulate it to broadcast or record whatever she wants? She could make fake footage that looks like someone said something they never did. She could play her dreams and fantasies on TVs. All sorts of things.


Naomi killing herself because she has cancer, only for the game to reveal Sunny specifically programmed the Patriots AI so nanomachines could still be used for medical purposes (like counteracting cancer) even after the core was destroyed, was so much bullshit.

Hideo Kojima needs to not write stupid double-triple-quadruple agent plot twists if he’s just going have characters kill themselves for no reason so he doesn’t have to worry about following through on character development.

In my headcanon, Naomi didn’t die or kill herself. Her claim to cancer itself may even be a lie.

Naomi is a woman who you should never, ever take entirely at face value. In MGS1, she managed to trick her way onto Snake’s team to inject him with FOXDIE while assuming someone else’s identity. In MGS4, she “betrays” Snake, and regardless of how the player views it, in the MGS universe, she’s convincing enough that Snake and Otacon believed she really did betray them.

So here’s my thinking. Naomi faked her death because she wanted to be free from her past. Otacon abducted her and forced her to aid his agenda, despite her wanting nothing to do with it. She regrets putting FOXDIE in Snake’s system. She’s done things she regrets, and knows people will come for her to try to make her do the same thing or worse. Groups like World Marshal Inc or people like Senator Armstrong might abduct her, or try to coerce her by getting to Otacon or Sunny. Just having those connections puts her and the people around her at risk, which means she has to cut them to truly start over.

There’s no actual confirmation other than Naomi’s word that she ever had cancer. Pressing a syringe into her neck may have been dramatics, and Naomi acting like a bit of a drama queen may have been hamming it up… but it was effective enough for people not to consider that she may have faked her death.

From there, how or whether or not she escaped is kind of inconsequential, because anything can be made up. Maybe she snuck onto one of the ships. Maybe Otacon left one of the mechs with her under the idea she could use it to escape back to him if necessary, unaware she wasn’t actually helping him. Or, she really could have died, but had an escape plan ready if she had survived.

Personally, I’d been hoping we’d see Naomi return in a future Metal Gear Solid game, but sadly it looks like that’ll never happen now.