I haven’t had anything worth saying or posting on my WordPress. I’m playing games, watching TV shows and movies, and interneting and working. I’ve had flash in the pan thoughts of posts that never felt worth the trouble by the time I got to a computer.

I have some things I’m trying to get up and running involving Polaris. Lots of ideas possible for pursuit following my successive revelations about Marvel, Hickman, fandom, etc. The ideas don’t feel as urgent anymore after those revelations. Everything’s in play, nobody at Marvel knows what they’re doing, and the future is looking bright in spite of how the average person might see only darkness.

I’ve had some personal issues over the past month or two that I can’t talk about. Past week was a bit hellish, but it always helps to look at the long and broad view.

Ultimately, the next phase of… everything, needs to play out before I do anything. A lot more is coming than we’re prepared for. We’ll take care of it.

This all sounds like gibberish. It’s simply a frame of mind and awareness I’ve learned to trust. Or rather embrace. And with that ends my post.

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