Thing about the fic writing process for me.

When I started, I was REALLY bad. Not just terrible grammar and misspellings (largely cause I was too afraid to edit), but horrid pacing and characters so out of character for no reason that they didn’t really count anymore.

I improved over time. I started actually editing my fics, I started trying to focus on using characters and franchises in ways unique to them, that couldn’t be done with just anything. I also started to realize sentences could be written in a huge number of ways.

At this point, I’m at a stage where just getting 500-1000 words is tough because I instinctively see multiple ways it could be written, some better and some worse. Usually, I feel like there’s a better way to write it I haven’t thought of yet – and I’m usually correct. I’ll find a better way to write it after 5-10 minutes. But that’s the problem. If every sentence takes that long, then I barely get anything done.

Here’s the good news. This problem typically happens at the very start of a writing session. Once I get more into it, the words become easier to form, and I just follow the flow.

Here’s the bad news. I have so much else going on that I don’t have as much energy as I’d like to have when writing. Combine that with distractions when I can write, and far too often, I lose interest in my idea before it’s finished. I can’t stop myself from imagining how it could go, so by the time I can turn that into words, the drive is exhausted.

But back to good news. Sometimes, I regain my interest with enough time off of it. Better yet, the current project I’m doing requires multiple chapters with different perspectives, so if I lose my drive with one, I can switch tracks to another.

It’s going well overall. There’s one chapter I’m about halfway through, and I edited what I had of it last night. I’m ready to push forward tonight.

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