I mainly watched this to see what would be said about Polaris/Lorna Dane. She only got very brief mentions in the middle and toward the end, but they’re meaningful despite brevity. First mention is to establish she’s one of the first X-Men after the initial five, second mention is to highlight that it was a combination of Polaris and Storm that launched Krakoa into space. Both are important, given Marvel often likes to ignore when Lorna was created and act like she didn’t exist until the 90s. I’ve also heard, but can’t personally confirm as I haven’t read it, that one depiction of Krakoa tried to retcon Lorna out and replace her with Jean.

The speaker in this vid is extremely enthusiastic. I especially like how she highlights the social and cultural context. That’s an extremely important aspect to most fiction, and far too many people don’t try to take context into account when they judge something from the past. In general, good video and intro.

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