Wonder Woman (Film) Thoughts

I went and saw Wonder Woman today. For those who don’t know and understand, I’ve been refraining from all things DC for years because of how they’ve changed Harley Quinn. For me to see this film, I had to make an exception and break from that years-long commitment.

I’m glad I saw it. The rest of this post is going to include stream of consciousness SPOILERS, so be warned.

This film was such a PERFECT representation of every single thing I’ve said about the value of heroic characters, especially heroic female characters. It captured every ounce of potential and made the most of it. For a while now, I’ve complained about how pop culture has been losing such icons, and it was so wonderful to see a revival of them.

Over on Twitter, one guy talked about how he found pop culture’s so deeply ingrained an aversion to strong women that despite his best wishes, he still found himself put off and uncertain when seeing everything in Themyscira.

I didn’t have that reaction. I fucking loved it. I cried at so many points in this film, including the beginning before any big things even happen. She’s a little girl, growing up on an island full of women, so eager to become a warrior and a protector while her two moms are so at odds – one to help her on that path, the other wanting to protect her from it. That little girl looked so bright and hopeful and happy as fuck too. It’s rare to see that.

A BIG part that keeps sticking in my head is Charlie. Charlie’s a character with PTSD, who used to be a sharpshooter and heavily drinks. Around the beginning, you see him screaming and yelling in the middle of the night. Diana tries to comfort and help him, and he’s just so messed up. He’s so broken and horror stricken.

… But then later, after they liberate the city, he’s playing the piano and singing. After so much horror, he was able to find some heart and love and find some of himself again. Diana did that. Diana inspired him and helped him see some light in the darkness.

That is a hero. And that’s exactly why they matter so much.

There are also just so many scenes where things are horrible and Diana is selfish as hell. She sees men coming back from the war traumatized and wounded, limbs missing, and she doesn’t think “What if that becomes me” or “What if I can’t handle going to the front lines and seeing this everywhere.” She doesn’t stop. She doesn’t run away. She becomes even more committed and driven to go out there and do something about it, to help them.

There’s also so much to Steve Trevor’s build-up of Diana standing up and moving things forward. He establishes the tone of good men in this war – following orders, so certain nothing big or real can be done directly. And then Diana comes along and after seeing everything, and weighing the reasons given, and knowing her own capabilities, says “No, this isn’t right, I can do something about this now.”

This in large part comes from the beginning of the movie when Antiope keeps telling Diana she’s stronger than she thinks she is and to stop doubting herself.

At the end of the film, both the fake-out “Ares is dead and nothing’s changing” and the actual fight with Ares are powerful moments for Diana and for heroic icons in general. Led to believe she’d killed Ares and it changed nothing, she was presented with the very tempting suggestion that men are just evil and don’t deserve her help – maybe even deserve to die and want it as a species.

Diana struggled for a moment but never gave in. She never fell into that trap. She could have gone that route – broken, lacking belief in mankind, ultimately protecting them only because she thinks she’s duty-bound as an Amazon even if she doesn’t believe it anymore. But that didn’t happen. She held firm and saved mankind because she still sees the beauty in them and believes in their goodness in spite of their darkness.

I know there’s so much else I could type, but this is all I can think to say of specifics.

I’ve complained, like everyone else, about how Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice depicted Superman. I absolutely stand by that – but a part of me is almost glad. I don’t think Wonder Woman would have been as powerful and touching if Superman had been depicted correctly in the past two films.

I think Snyder screwing up Superman opened the door for Wonder Woman’s greatness to shine through better and for more people to accept it. If Superman had been depicted correctly in recent films, some people would’ve treated Wonder Woman like “a Superman film but with a woman and an ancient Greece element to it.” Which would’ve been the absolute wrong takeaway.

I’m completely serious when I say that I think Wonder Woman is the best superhero film yet. That’s my final thought.


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