The Maximoff Family!!!! (blue skin was not an option…)

Erik Lehnsherr, Lorna Dane, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Tommy Shepherd, Billy Kaplan,

TJ Wagner, and Luna Maximoff!

@bikenesmith art was a great starting point ❤ ❤


Grandpa Magneto Monday! I think everyone tries to forget Lorna’s attempted wedding to Alex Summers. It…didn’t go well. 

Alex leaving Lorna at the altar, and her reaction, appears to be consistently one of the most memorable moments of her character history. People send a lot of flak toward Austen’s way for how he wrote a lot of characters during his run, but in Lorna’s case, I think it’s hard to say he didn’t offer a lot of great moments and development for her.

One minor detail to mention for people who may not know it’s part of the joke: Lorna didn’t try to murder everybody, though she did want to murder Nurse Annie and I believe Alex (memory’s fuzzy there). Everyone else, she reversed their blood flow to knock them unconscious.

As always, @waitingforthet‘s comic here is amusing and awesome.