Requested by anonymous

You stood by your sister’s grave, gripping followers tightly in your hands. Tears were flowing down your cheeks, despite your attempts to keep your emotions in check. No one could blame you for being so upset however. Sonya, the only family you had left was dead.

If John, Clarice, Marcos, and Lorna weren’t here by your side you weren’t sure if you would have been able to survive. Gently you placed the plants down on Sonya’s grave and John proceeded to give you a hug. Sonya meant a lot to him too so he came the closest to sharing your pain.

”[Y/N] i’m… I’m so sorry” said Clarice. You forced yourself to give her a weak smile as you wiped tears off your cheeks.

”Thanks Clarice. Thank all of you guys for being here for me and Sonya”.
All your friends nodded and with that you formed a giant group hug. You’d be hurting for a long time because if Sonya’s death but with these four around to support you, you may just get through this dark time.


Thanks to lots for writing this and to the anon who requested it for requesting it.


Now I’m thinking about Dreamer again, and I’m honestly confused – you’d think the writers would have more attachment to the character that, while originating  in the comics, was so unused that they got to name her. They made Sonya into an actual character! With a name! And a backstory! Only to kill her off like she couldn’t contribute anything.

Wow I’m late to this one. Sorry for not seeing it til now.

Yeah, you’d think they’d have even more reason to care, but apparently not. Guess they prioritize throwing away characters when they’ve “served their purpose” and/or permanently abandoning all of a character’s potential to get Skyler on the show over caring enough to do character death in any kind of good way.